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You will most likely have seen that the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) recently issued its new discussion paper on overcoming obesity and the economic tolls brought about by the more than 2.1 billion people that are overweight or obese in the world today. In their report, MGI noted, amongst many other things, a number of actions that can help reverse rising obesity prevalence in developed markets. These included product reformulation, portion control and educational programmes. This was great to see.
As the only global platform bringing both retailers and manufacturers together, The Consumer Goods Forum, through our Health & Wellness Pillar, is ideally positioned to drive positive action in these areas. We’ve already been working towards a number of Board-approved Resolutions and, in June 2014, we made a number of new industry commitments to help drive implementation.
These commitments represented a key milestone in our industry’s efforts to secure consumer trust and business growth through the empowerment of consumers and positive change; supporting the adoption of healthier lifestyles and a culture of prevention with multi-stakeholder collaborations and partnerships. We have also developed a membership engagement plan to provide increased support to members looking to implement positive actions, and we are always willing to provide additional support to those members seeking early adoption.
The Health & Wellness Pillar is the global platform for influence and guidance on key issues, and is the partner of choice to give the industry's collective vision on health and wellness. We are also perfectly positioned to accelerate the industry's positive actions towards healthier diets and lifestyles by scaling up relevant programmes that stimulate positive behavioural change.
We are also actively measuring the progress our members are making. In January 2015 we will have our first-ever member-wide Progress Report. We surveyed our membership to see exactly where they are in the implementation of our Resolutions, and are now in the process of drafting the final report. As the only global platform for retailers and manufacturers, no other organisation has ever been able to do such a progress report, and we are already looking forward to the 2016 edition, assessing how we can build on the forthcoming 2015 report. 
As highlighted in the MGI report this critical global issue requires a comprehensive intervention strategy.  The Health & Wellness Steering Committee will continue to collaborate with MGI to provide global and holistic thought leadership that drives positive change on the health and wellness issues facing businesses and consumers worldwide.

Sharon Bligh, Head of Health & Wellness, The Consumer Goods ForumThis post was written and contributed by:

Sharon Bligh
Head of Health & Wellness
The Consumer Goods Forum


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