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Current E2E Value Chain Milestones - The Consumer Goods Forum

2016 – The first-ever CGF educational series was launched under the E2E Value Chain Pillar. The series, on the Internet of Things, has been designed, together with experts from Capgemini and Intel, to help breakdown the jargon to allow you to get the facts and see where the IoT can help improve your business performance and ensure greater consumer trust.

2015 – The Consumer Engagement Principles are announced. This is followed later in 2015 by the publication of the Future Value Network report.

2014 – The Consumer Goods Forum’s work is re-focused and re-structured, with the E2E Value Chain Pillar, in its current format, coming into being. 

2012 – Published “Driving consumer goods innovation in the cloud” together with IBM, which provided a c-suite perspective on cloud technology in the consumer goods industry.  

2011 – Published the Global Protocol on Packaging Sustainability 2.0 to provide the consumer goods and packaging industries with a much needed common language with which to discuss and assess the relative sustainability of packaging. The Practical Series isalsokicked off this yearwith the publication of the ‘CO2 - KPI and Measurement in Logistics’, a self-containingdocument explaining the concepts of CO2 measurement and usage in easy terms.

2010 –The Future Value Chain Report 2020 is published,focusing onhow to build strategies for the new decade and what they should look like.

2009 – Part of the newly-generated “CGF”, our E2E Value Chain work initially fell under two pillars, Future Trends and Operational Excellence. It is here that a number of projects were born.

2008 – The Future Value Chain 2018 is published, focusing on international aspects of collaboration.

2007 – The Future Supply Chain report was published together with Capgemini,digging further into collaboration in the supply chain.

2006 – The first-ever Future Value Chain report was published with our long-time partner Capgemini. This report looked at what our industry would be like in 2016.

2004 – The first edition of the Global Upstream Supply Initiative (GUSI) published. The GUSI introduced us to the Upstream Integration Model (UIM) framework, a checklist designed to improve communication and provide a strategy to approach different suppliers using global standards.  The latest updates to this project came in 2011.

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