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Sustainability Pillar MIssion - The Consumer Goods Forum

Our current agenda is shaped by the opportunities presented by the industry’s new omni-channel and technology-enabled business models.

We are pursuing a two-part vision:

  1. Information transparency - using information flows across the industry value chain to support both industry efficiency and consumer trust
  2. Physical supply chain collaboration - adapting physical flows across the industry value chain to be more efficient and sustainable
1. Information transparency
Our vision is for an industry in which
  • Trading partners have access to real-time, accurate and independently assured product and supply chain data down to item level 
  • Consumers can get accurate, on demand answers to the questions they have on the products they buy (e.g. ingredients, safety) and where they come from (e.g. origin, social & environmental impacts). 
  • Consumers also have confidence that the personal data they provide to companies will be reliably safeguarded and responsibly used
We believe this will enable the industry to grow consumer trust at a time when societal trends and digital media are fuelling demand for greater transparency. At the same time we believe it will unlock significant cost savings for the industry by replacing inefficient traceability systems and helping to reduce waste.
2. Physical supply chain collaboration
Our vision is for an industry that collaborates wherever possible to reduce waste, including:
  • Replacing our current reliance on secondary packaging with a standardized system of reusable crates, adapted for automated warehousing and new omni-channel business models 
  • More sharing of logistics activities between companies to maximize truck and warehouse utilisation
We believe this will enable the industry to both reduce both costs and the environmental impact of new business models.

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