Traceability, Transparency, Consumer Engagement Principles, Future Value Network, Modularisation - CGF End-to-End Value Chain Pillar

Core to the CGF’s vision of “Better Lives Through Better Business” is finding ways to improve how consumer goods companies do business and, in doing so, help them to become more efficient and consumer-friendly.

E2E deals with all things that ‘move’ in a supply chain, be it a consumer item, a truck transporting pallets or data channelled to the device of a consumer or exchanged between business partners. In order to achieve our objectives, it’s our belief that companies need to find new ways to collect and share data as well as collaborate on pre-competitive areas throughout the supply chain - with each other and with consumers - in a world where poor data handling, packaging waste and outmoded technologies lead to spiralling costs and inefficiencies that can span an entire supply chain. 

Our members understand that data is intrinsic to business success today, whether it’s knowing what ingredients are in a product, how many cartons are in a delivery truck or whether a consumer clearly understands what you are doing with the personal data you are collecting. However, beyond data, our Pillar is also looking to address increasing consumer concerns about packaging waste and the expanding role of enabling technology, such as warehouse robotics. And so, while removing system complexities (modularisation) may appear a tactical opportunity, evidence shows us the business sense, helping companies to become more efficient and cost-effective.
This is why E2E matters. Whether you are working in an e-commerce warehouse, a global marketing department or designing software to track shipping containers, there is something to be gained from working on one of our projects, attending one of our workshops or accessing one of our reports. 
Simply put, we provide solutions.

Member-Driven from Start to Finish

A key component of this pillar is our member-driven projects. With an emphasis on overcoming the biggest challenges facing our industry along the value chain – be it improving on traceability and product safety through interoperability and big data, eliminating waste in the supply chain or maintaining consumer trust – our projects have the power to shape our industry for years to come. Our members are at the core of these efforts, and, as a member, your role can be integral in helping to define the future of our industry. Would you like to say in 10 years’ time that your company had a say in how the business requirements for a new product identifier were identified? Would you be proud if your company was behind the reason consumers now trust companies more than ever? If yes, our projects are the place to be.

Real Solutions for Today’s Real Problems

Another asset that we are proud of is that our work is producing real solutions to real problems that are both practical and actionable. Our committee and project teams aren’t just talking about today’s challenges or objectives decades away; they are creating solutions for all our members today. Whether it’s providing user guidance and support on implementation standards, defining a common way to provide tighter integration of supply chains, collaborating on the issue of traceability or creating principles for the industry to build greater trust with consumers, we understand our members come in many shapes and sizes and are at different phases in their development. It is, therefore, important our solutions work for everyone who needs them, large or small. 

Pillar Committee

The End-to-End Value Chain & Standards Steering Committee is co-chaired by Jeff McAllister of Walmart and Barron Witherspoon of P&G. The Steering Committee has the mission of scoping and overseeing projects that extend across the entire value chain and are of interest to our global members.

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Want to Join a Project?

Our End-to-End Value Chain & Standards projects are open to members only and we encourage members to get involved and participate in these industry-defining activities. If you are interested, please contact Ruediger Hagedorn directly to learn more.

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