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[Report] New Paper Looks at How Blockchain Drives Visibility, Trust and Efficiency

We are pleased to announce a new E2E Value Chain Learning Series paper on blockchain, produced with IBM. Titled, “Tomorrow’s Value Chain: How Blockchain Drives Visibility, Trust and Efficiency”, the report shares how this technology will impact the value chain for retailers and consumer goods manufacturers.

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[Report] New IoT Paper Looks at Benefits & Where to Start

We have recently published the second paper on the Internet of Things (IoT). Part of our End-to-End Value Chain Learning Series, the paper explains what consumer businesses can do to benefit from IoT investment and how they should go about it.

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[News] New Report Reveals Vision for Grocery Store of the Future

Iinternational grocery research organisation IGD and The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) reveal the 10 areas grocery retailers must focus on to ensure physical stores remain relevant for shoppers in an increasingly digital age. Report is part of E2E Learning Series.

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[Report] Collaboration With Rivals Crucial to Unlocking Profit for Consumer Products Companies

New report, produced together with EY, shows why consumer products companies need to collaborate with rivals to unlock new sources of profitable growth amid converging market challenges. Report finds that the final link in the logistics chain is becoming increasingly inefficient and demands a new collaborative approach.

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[Event] Ruediger Hagedorn Presents at VMT Event on the Future of Food

End-to-End Value Chain & Standards head Ruediger Hagedorn recently attended the VMT Food Future Event 2017. Held at the Congrescentrum 1931, Den Bosch in The Netherlands, the event provided delegates with updates on the latest developments in the field of product integrity, product development, food safety and entrepreneurship in food. Ruediger’s presentation focused on the digitalisation of the food Industry.

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[Event] E2E Value Chain Head Presents at World’s No.1 Retail Trade Fair - EuroShop

Ruediger Hagedorn, head of our E2E Value Chain Pillar, recently attending the world’s No. 1 retail trade fair, Euroshop, held 16th-20th February in Düsseldorf, Germany. During the event, Ruediger presented the CGF's work on the Future Value Network to attending delegates and had the honour of joining the POPAI D-A-CH Awards jury.

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[News] The Consumer Goods Forum Sponsors 4th International Physical Internet Conference

The Consumer Goods Forum is pleased to announce it is an official sponsor of the upcoming 4th International Physical Internet Conference. The event, in Graz, Austria, runs from 4th-6th July and covers how organisations can move towards a smart hyper-connected era of efficient and sustainable logistics, supply chains and transportation.

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[Event] Rueidger Hagedorn Provides Keynote at Academic Partnership 2016 SCM4ECR Conference

The Academic Partnership 2016 SCM4ECR Conference took place from 28th-29th October 2016, and was attended by the globally recognised Keynote Speaker Ruediger Hagedorn, Senior Manager, Collaborative Value Chain Initiatives & Projects, The Consumer Goods Forum. Ruediger delivered a high-profile talk of real interest.

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[Publication] Updated Consumer Engagement Principles Companion Manual Free to Download

A newly-updated CEP Companion Manual is now available to download. The Companion Manual allows companies to learn all they need to about the underlying Consumer Engagement Principles Project, its origins and what steps they need to take to begin building and maintaining greater trust with consumers.

[Publication] Global Upstream Supply Initiative (GUSI) Briefing Paper Available to Download

Download our latest briefing paper, on the GUSI project, to learn more about about providing tighter integration of supply chains without the financial- and time-related costs, and how we are working collaboratively to develop and implement a model and message standard for manufacturers of consumer goods and suppliers.

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