Collaborative LogisticsShould Old Rivals Become Best Friends?

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About Collaborative Logistics

We all know that the digital revolution is causing huge disruption in the consumer goods industry, spawning many new business models and surfacing many fascinating challenges and opportunities. Digital means more data, more information and more insights. But these in turn also allow more physical options to buy, produce, sell and deliver.

The consequences of the digital revolution for physical flows have perhaps not had as much attention as those for data flows but they could be equally far reaching. Supply and delivery networks are likely to become both denser and more varied.

What particularly interested us in The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) was the scope for new forms of collaboration that this disruption in physical flows unlocks. We wanted to know how the industry could use digital to drive efficiencies across the value network, and how collaboration could help drive these efficiencies to new levels, benefiting both businesses and the consumer. That was the primary motivation behind this report.

To start with, we asked a few simple questions:

  1. What is driving the changes in physical flows in our industry today?
  2. How are companies responding to these fresh trends?
  3. How could your company get the most out of the emerging new portfolio of collaborative solutions?

The report produced as part of this initiative builds on workshops led by EY in London and New York and we believe represents a very practical perspective on an industry in flux. We hope it provides inspiration for any business — big or small — looking to develop more efficient supply chains and value networks. It should help prepare you for the disruption ahead.

The CGF would like to express its gratitude to Matthew Burton and his team at EY, as well all the companies who were willing to share their experiences and best practices. This is a unique report, in the right place at the right time.

New Report Published

Consumer products companies need to collaborate with previously fierce rivals to unlock new sources of profitable growth amid converging market challenges. That is according to an EY report commissioned by The Consumer Goods Forum: To deliver profitable growth in the world of the new consumer – must your old rivals become your best friends?

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