The Internet of Things (IoT) is big. However, it's easily misunderstood. Our all new IoT educational series has been designed, together with experts from Capgemini and Intel, to help breakdown the jargon to allow you to get the facts and see where the IoT can help improve your business performance and ensure greater consumer trust. It's time for the consumer goods industry to fully embrace the Internet of Things.


Internet of Things - CGF, Capgemini, Intel Educational Series

IoT: Benefits & Where to Start

We have, together with Capgemini and Intel, recently published the second paper on the Internet of Things (IoT). Part of our End-to-End Value Chain Learning Series, the paper explains what consumer businesses can do to benefit from IoT investment and how they should go about it.

The Internet of Things is increasingly becoming essential as CPG manufacturers and retailers endeavour to provide immersive experience, increase operational efficiency, improve profitability, and create new revenue streams for retailer. It has ceased to be buzzword bandied about at industry conferences.  This paper provides answers to several key questions on how companies can make better use of the opportunities presented by IoT. These include:

  • How and when does IoT become the future of retail?
  • How can IoT decode the shopper genome for retail and CPG companies?
  • Will IoT be instrumental in building intelligent customer relationships?
  • Is the time right for companies to adopt IoT?
  • Where should retail and CPG companies start their IoT journey?
  • How are companies preparing to defy IoT disruption?
Together with Capgemini and Intel, we originally made a case for investment in IoT in our 2016 educational paper “Making the Connection”. This second paper takes our work and analysis further, by shedding more light on what companies need to do and where they can start. The paper also highlights quick wins for those looking to get started; be it at the factory level, with a logistics viewpoint, in store or when marketing to consumers. IoT can help everyone.

Visit the Capgemini website to view the IoT online, or download the pdf report directly.


CGF - Internet of ThingsCGF - Internet of ThingsCGF - Internet of Things

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