The Store of the Future Learning Series and, more specifically, the Evolution of the Physical Store report map out a vision for the future of the physical grocery store, including the 10 critical considerations for retailers to ensure they are equipped to meet the demands of that future.


e2e store of the future learning series

Keeping Up With Changing Consumer Demands

Shoppers are changing and stores must keep up. We know online shopping is here to stay, but people will always want to go into a real shop.

We expect tomorrow’s store to combine the best of online and offline worlds. Shopping will be a special experience, featuring fresh food, new products, and unique events.

Identify opportunities to shape the store of the future, and understand how to inspire shoppers’ long-lasting loyalty. We reveal the top ten areas you must consider, in our new report. 

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infographic evolution of the physical store

Infographic: Evolution of the Physical Store

Flexible store designs, adaptable ranges, making shopping easier. These are just three of the top ten areas retailers and suppliers need to think about when creating the store of the future. IGD's new infographic reveals the rest.

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201705 IGD report press covers

Press Release: New Report Reveals Vision

One day, the supermarket shelf will recognise your face. Read the press release to learn more about the new report on the evolution of the physical store and what you can do to keep up with changing consumer demands.

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