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GSCP Terms of Reference - Logo Usage, Reference Guidelines, etc.

The Global Social Compliance Programme ("GSCP", "the Programme") is part of The Consumer Goods Forum, a not-for-profit association (Association LOI 1901 under French law). The GSCP is a business-driven, open-source platform working towards and promoting the harmonisation of efforts for the improvement of working and environmental conditions in global supply chains.

Name Usage
Anyone may use the name “GSCP” or “Global Social Compliance Programme” in a general way related to the Programme. However no company or other organisation shall be authorised to use the GSCP name for the promotion, advertisement or marketing of its products or services.
Logo Usage
The GSCP grants CGF members and other stakeholders a limited right to use its logo (“GSCP logo” and its variations). The GSCP permits CGF members and other stakeholders to use the GSCP logo only in the context of their activities promoting the GSCP and its goals (such as members’ corporate responsibility reports) or in the context of the GSCP Equivalence Process, but not in any manner that suggests or implies that the GSCP has endorsed or approved of the activities, products and/or services of the organisation, or that the GSCP is the source of any such activities, products and/or services.
Specifically, please note that the following uses will not be permitted:
  • any use of the logo suggesting or implying a certification or seal of approval for activities, services and/or products;
  • any use of the logo as a component of an organisation's own logo, trademark or other branding elements;
  • any use of the logo for the promotion or advertising of products, services and other activities intended to solicit business; and
  • any use of the logo as a permanent graphical element of stationery, business cards, or other variably utilised print materials.
In any case, for all proposed uses of the GSCP logo, permission must be sought in advance from the GSCP Team. 
Please provide a sample of your document by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and indicate where on the sample document you would like the logo to appear. Please also provide details on the full document and its publication (name, context and purpose, planned publication date and intended audience).
Reference Tools Usage
The GSCP has built a complete suite of Reference Tools compiling best corporate practices for managing sustainable supply chains.
The tools are open-source, applicable globally and across sectors, while making business sense of international conventions and protocols. For full list of GSCP Reference Tools and further information on their purpose and usage, please see the designated page here.
As a global reference, the Tools may be used and adapted to local or sector-specific contexts. When doing so, credit is to be given to the Global Social Compliance Programme in a mandatory reference on the first page of the new document. The reference must include the following elements:
  • Mention that the adapted tool is based on the GSCP Reference Tool
  • Use of GSCP logo or combined CGF|GSCP logo
  • The following boiler plate:

    The Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP) brings together key actors of the consumer goods industry to collaborate on a common goal: driving positive change and business efficiency in the areas of social and environmental sustainability along the supply chain. Motivated by the conviction that the way forward in sustainability is through collaboration and convergence, these experts from various sectors and affiliations, including major retail companies, brand manufacturers, international organisations, academia and government, have joined forces within the GSCP framework to deliver a harmonised, global approach for more efficient and sustainable supply chains, as well as the eradication of forced labour. This work is accomplished through a complete suite of Reference Tools, a robust Equivalence Process and the 2016 CGF Board Resolution on Forced Labour.

High-Res GSCP Logo

Please feel free to download a high-resolution version of the GSCP logo and use it when referencing our programme on your website or in your publication.

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High-Res CGF Logo

Please feel free to download a high-resolution version of the corporate CGF logo and use it when referencing the CGF on your website or in your publication.

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