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About the GSCPJoining forces for sustainable supply chains

At the GSCP, we believe that social and environmental sustainability is a collaborative effort. That’s why we use our unique position as a global cross-industry network to drive harmonisation, convergence and best-practice sharing for a better and more sustainable supply chains.

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Our Member-Driven WorkWorking with and for supply chain actors

  • For Buying Companies +

    Today’s retailers and brand manufacturers face complex supply chain management. The GSCP approach benefits these buying companies, enabling them to access best corporate practices in social and environmental compliance, share with peers and embark on the path towards more sustainable supply chains. Read More
  • For Suppliers +

    Suppliers around the globe are facing audit multiplication and costs while working to meet diverging requirements. By working within the GSCP approach, suppliers improve social and environmental conditions while driving value from auditing processes and enhancing market access. Read More
  • For Service Providers +

    From auditing bodies, sustainability standards and certification bodies to training and accreditation centres, service providers face the increasing complexity of assessing social and environmental compliance across global supply chains. The GSCP provides robust audit approaches and clear requirements for all. Read More
  • For Stakeholders +

    The GSCP value proposition shows clear benefits for the industry, but also translates benefits for governments, international organisations, NGOs, trade unions, supply chain initiatives and civil society at large. Through the GSCP, stakeholders have the possibility to enter into a constructive dialogue and share their inputs for sustainable supply chains. Read More
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