For Buying Companies

GSCP For Buying Companies

Today’s retailers and brand manufacturers face complex supply chain management. The GSCP approach benefits these buying companies, enabling them to access best corporate practices in social and environmental compliance, share with peers and embark on the path towards more sustainable supply chains.


  • Complex supply chain management accentuated by lack of collaboration
  • Increasing accountability and scrutiny on supply chain practices and management of social and environmental issues upstream
  • Access to best corporate practices. A gold standard CoC and corresponding auditing practices for both environmental and social sustainability have been created by the GSCP in a collaborative industry-wide approach
  • A harmonised approach and common understanding for both buyers and suppliers on best practice supply chain management
  • GSCP framework enables greater supply chain efficiencies, cost reductions, risk management and improved product quality
  • Benchmarking against best practices allowing for continuous improvement
  • Insight on actionable goals for more sustainable supply chains

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