For Stakeholders

GSCP For Stakeholders

The GSCP value proposition shows clear benefits for the industry, but also translates benefits for governments, international organisations, NGOs, trade unions, supply chain initiatives and civil society at large.

Through the GSCP, stakeholders have the possibility to enter into a constructive dialogue and share their inputs for sustainable supply chains.


  • Divergence amongst different approaches to compliance
  • Little opportunity for input from this community

  • Working towards convergence of approach
  • Promoting transparency and constructive dialogue
  • Welcoming and taking into account their input and expertise
  • Collaborating and forming partnerships for added value


Our Work with Institutions

GSCP is increasingly working with institutional bodies on the harmonisation of supply chain standards as part of GSCP’s vision for more sustainable global supply chains across all scopes.
We work with a number of institutional actors notably the French and German governments, the OECD and EU among others. In fact, the CGF and the GSCP were recently recognised by the German Government and the G7 for the work that they have achieved in promoting responsible business conduct (Read more). The German government has expressed its willingness to work with the GSCP and The CGF as key business partners in setting the stage to raise the sustainability standards, and expressed the importance of GSCP Reference frameworks for the operationalisation of G7 commitments at supplier level.

Our Advisory Board

The GSCP Advisory Board ensures that opinions and perspectives of civil society stakeholders are integrated into the pursuit of the Programme’s objectives. The Advisory Board is composed of influential and knowledgeable experts drawn from a broad and balanced variety of civil society international stakeholders as NGOs, International Organisations, Trade Unions, and Academia. Learn more.