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GSCP Community and Key Influencers

Driving Positive Change &
Business Efficiences Worldwide

The GSCP community brings together all the key supply chain actors – ranging from retailers and brand manufacturers to auditing bodies and international organisations – from all over the world and all sectors who are dedicated to developing more sustainable supply chains.
As of July 2016, with its official integration into the CGF’s sustainability Pillar, the resources and expertise of the GSCP are now pooled with the CGF’s Sustainability Pillar, and particularly the Social Sustainability Committee, to help members tackle the biggest social and environmental challenges impacting the industry.

GSCP Influencers

GSCP Community - Social Sustainability Committee

Steering the Programme and ensuring the GSCP delivers on its objectives and integrates the expectations of all stakeholders.

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GSCP Community - The Advisory Board

External stakeholders advising on the strategy, direction and best practice for each step of the Programme.

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GSCP Community - The CGF Board

50 global CEOs - retailers and manufacturers - from the CGF membership who oversee the strategy and direction of the organisation.

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GSCP Community - The Equivalence Process Users

Organisations going through the Equivalence Process to benchmark their own standards and systems against GSCP-compiled best-practice.

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GSCP Community - Partner Organisations Network

Our network regroups key initiatives and schemes working on the improvement of labour and environmental conditions in global supply chains.

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