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The CGF Board

We are the only association in the consumer goods industry that is truly global, while embracing both retailers and manufacturers. We are also run by a unique Board, consisting of the global CEOs of 50 of our members. Take a look through the list of CEOs, and their respective companies, who are helping to drive positive change globally.

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Social Sustainability Committee

The Social Sustainability Committee (SSC) has been set up by our Board of Directors to drive global collaboration between retailers and manufacturers in identifying and tackling key social sustainability issues for the industry. In 2016, CEOs approved a new social resolution to fight forced labour, the first industry commitment of its kind in tackling such a pressing social issue, and their company representatives in the SSC are working together to design and implement innovative ways to address the multiple forms of forced labour.

In July 2016, as the next step in the GSCP's evolution, our programme was integrated into the CGF's Sustainability Pillar and its work on social sustainability. Our work is now, therefore, overseen by the Social Sustainability Committee and is co-chaired by Unilever and Marks and Spencer.

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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is composed of influential and knowledgeable experts drawn from a broad and balanced variety of civil society international stakeholders as NGOs, International Organisations, Trade Unions, and Academia.
The Advisory Board’s role is to advise and challenge the Executive Board on the strategy, direction and best practice for each step of the Programme. Moreover, it helps monitor and evaluate progress. The Advisory Board therefore ensures that opinions and perspectives of civil society stakeholders are integrated into the pursuit of the Programme’s objectives.

Current members of the GSCP Advisory Board:

  • David Schilling, Director of Human Rights and Resources Programs, INTERFAITH CENTER ON CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY (Chair)
  • Rafaël Nedzynski, Head of International and European Affairs, FGTA-FO (Vice-Chair)
  • Antoine Bernard, CEO, FIDH
  • Alke Boessiger, Head of UNI Commerce, UNI GLOBAL UNION
  • Amir Dossal, Founder and Chairman, GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS FORUM
  • Jan Furstenborg, Labour relations expert, former Head of UNI COMMERCE
  • Véronique Discours-Buhot, Independent Advisor, Director, Global Food Safety Initiative