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Improving Global Working
& Environmental Conditions

Through our work at the GSCP, we are targeting a continuous improvement of working and environmental conditions in global supply chains. To this end, alongside a programme-specific cross industry membership, we are working to harmonise the landscape of compliance standards while supporting efforts on capacity building at supplier level through a shared, consistent and global approach.
As we look to develop the work of our business-driven programme, we will continue to drive convergence towards an internationally accepted reference through the usage of common tools/processes, sharing of best practices and partnerships.


The GSCP Reference Tools

Our GSCP Reference Tools are a complete suite of documents compiling best practices for managing sustainable supply chains. The tools are open-source, applicable globally and across sectors, while making business sense of international conventions and protocols.
The GSCP Reference Tools set the international reference on best practices for sustainable supply chain management. They provide a common interpretation of fair labour and environmental requirements and their implementation.
These tools are free and open-source. As a global reference, the tools may be used and adapted to local or sector-specific contexts under the condition that GSCP Terms of Reference are respected. 

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GSCP Reference Tools

The Equivalence Process

Our Equivalence Process is a robust online platform which enables the benchmarking of existing systems and standards against the international reference set out by the GSCP Reference Tools. By completing the Process and sharing results, users actively support the collective effort of building transparency and continuous improvement in the supply chain.

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GSCP Reference Tools      GSCP Equivalence Process