Our work on resolving non-compliances and building capacity

Capacity Building - The Consumer Goods Forum


The GSCP is ultimately working towards remediation of root causes of non-compliances, aiming at supplier ownership of solutions and their implementation. That is why we support the development of collaborative models to build capacity at supplier site. These efforts are developed and implemented through projects with stakeholders including business and multi-stakeholder initiatives, and international organisations such as United Nations agencies UNIDO and ITC.

Together with UNIDO, GSCP has established a cost-effective global training programme for suppliers, "REAP+", based upon the GSCP Reference Tools and UNIDO's capacity building framework REAP (Responsible Entrepreneur Achievement Programme), to enable suppliers to reach compliance with best existing practice, all the while fostering market access.

This work aims at enabling continuous process improvement for buying companies and their suppliers for better supply chain and risk management and increased resource and cost effectiveness. This will in turn create a larger and more responsible, reliable sourcing base resulting in greater consumer confidence. For more information, please get in touch with the GSCP team.

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