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The SIWI (Stockholm International Water Institute) Swedish Water House has recently launched their website showcasing the results of their extensive mapping of popular water tools, standards and certifications used by food and beverage companies and retailers globally. The website’s purpose is to help users “start their journey towards water stewardship” by reducing water risks in their own operations and supply chain. It introduces a selection of the water tools available internationally, to ease the burden of searching for the right system for a personalised water strategy. The mapping was conducted based on 18 different tools, including the GSCP environmental tools, to compile high-quality, comprehensive and thorough results. The GSCP team is pleased to see yet another great use of the GSCP tools, helping to drive better environmental performance when it comes to water management in global supply chains.
The GSCP Environmental Reference Tools are a common interpretation of working and environmental requirements and their implementation. They provide a model for continuous improvement in environmental performance from basic compliance to leading-edge performance with several dedicated chapters helping users to reduce water risks in their supply chains. GSCP’s open source reference tools allow for a range of actors across different sectors and geographies, to tailor and adapt them according to their sectoral realities. Later this year, GSCP will launch an apparel version of its Environmental Audit Process & Methodology tool, which allows for a greater focus on water risks, notably wastewater management and water use: a key focus area for the textile sector.
Multiā€Stakeholder Initiatives such as the SIWI, auditing bodies, buying companies and other scheme owners can and are encouraged to also use the GSCP Reference tools to help drive more harmonised, efficient and sustainable supply chains.
To learn more about the sustainable water usage mapping, please visit the SIWI website
About SIWI
SIWI Swedish Water House is a neutral platform for Swedish actors interested in international water issues, creating spaces for dialogue, cooperation and knowledge sharing. Swedish Water House cluster groups are interdisciplinary networks focusing on current critical water-related topics. Swedish Water House is a part of SIWI (Stockholm International Water Institute).



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