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Health & Wellness Pillar Value Proposition - The Consumer Goods Forum

The Health & Wellness Pillar works across the industry and with external stakeholders to empower consumers to make the right decisions and to help them to adopt healthier lifestyles.

We focus on positive change and prioritise actions that require global collaboration across manufacturers and retailers and between food, personal care and hygiene. We support the industry to be a key partner of choice in the global health and wellness agenda.
With objectives of providing leadership and driving positive change, there are numerous benefits for our members to be part of the Health & Wellness Pillar. 
These include:
  • the opportunity to be part of the global voice for the consumer goods industry on health and wellness;
  • being able to shape the health and wellness agenda of The Consumer Goods Forum;
  • the opportunity to identify and develop best practices, innovative solutions and implementation tools; 
  • the chance to jointly address issues (and participate in projects) that deliver results and potential industry momentum around issues companies cannot solve individually;
  • access to new and important tools and resources, as well as key events, reserved for members of The Consumer Goods Forum;
  • privileged access to the thought and implementation leaders in the health and wellness arena as well as through organisations like FIA, GMA and FMI; and
  • the chance to learn from peers and benchmark against leading practices as well as have practical access to implementation knowledge.

It's Not Just About What We Eat!

The Health & Wellness Pillar represents the diversity of our membership and the types of collaborations we promote. Personal care and hygiene are key contributors to global collective actions on health and wellness, and this is recognised in our work in this area.
A report from the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's stated that “Global life expectancy increased sharply from 47 years in 1950-55 to 68 years in 2005-2010. The report said people are living longer mainly because of improvements in nutrition and hygiene, and advances in vaccines and medical treatments against infectious and parasitic diseases that are "communicable".
The Personal Care agenda of the Health & Wellness Pillar will enable us to take a holistic approach to health and wellness, covering a broad range of aspects from healthy diets and healthy lifestyles to personal care and hygiene, with the aim of contributing to the physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and sustainable well-being of consumers, employees, their families and the communities we serve.  The Pillar also aims to encourage a culture of health, promoting the benefits of prevention over treatment.  
With our member companies impacting the consumer journey on a daily basis, we have the collective opportunity to stimulate health and wellness at various touch points throughout the day, and personal care is an essential component of this.

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