Sustainability Pillar Governance - The Consumer Goods Forum

Health & Wellness Working Groups

The Health and Wellness Working Groups have been created to help realise the mission of supporting healthier lifestyles and a culture of prevention with multi-stakeholder collaborations and partnerships, and to be integral in helping to drive implmentation of our Pillar's Resolutions and Commitments. They are made up of individual influencers from our retailer and manufacturer members.


Role of Working Groups

The Health & Wellness Working Groups have been designed to specifically focus on collective actions that add value to our members, and that only the CGF can do collaboratively.  In order to achieve this, decisions on what actions the Working Groups will focus on are filtered through three lens:

  • Is the work relevant to both retailers and manufacturers (large/small)?
  • Is the work relevant to promoting a common and collective approach?
  • Is the work relevant to food and personal care (when applicable)?

The actions should also support the five-year plan of the Health & Wellness Pillar and support finding ways to ensure the Health & Wellness Resolutions and Commitments are implemented across the wider membership.

This is achieved by working together for greater impact and sharing the learnings and best practices that we have developed through online toolkits, guidelines, case studies and other online resources.

Finally, the role of the Working Groups is to contribute to the annual progress report that is designed to measure progress and promote transparency. And, connected to this, the Groups are supported by teams of enablers.