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History - Health & Wellness Pillar - The Consumer Goods Forum


Following a successful 2014, 2015 began with an emphasis on driving implementation and taking positive action. This was kicked-off with the creation of our External Scientific Advisory Council in January. In February, the industry’s first-ever global progress report was published – following on from the successful Board pilot in 2014.

Then, during the 58th Global Summit in June, we announced the launch of the Health & Wellness Toolkit, a digital platform desgined to suport members in the implementation of the Health & Wellness Commitments.



Efforts continued in measurement and reporting and our full membership were included in the 2014 exercise.  Progress results will be shared with stakeholders in 2015 and the Committee are building KPIs to enable global industry reporting. 
On the first day of our annual Global Summit in Paris, we unveiled new industry‐wide Commitments on consumer health and wellness.  The four commitments, approved by our Board of Directors, recognise the importance of health and wellness to consumers, shoppers and employees.  
The Steering Committee is focused on supporting implementation of the Commitments across our members and scaling up and amplifying existing initiatives that mirror the goals of the Commitments and have positive impact on the health and wellness of consumers, shoppers, employees and the communities our industry serves. 
To continue to strengthen the Pillar’s agenda, the Board also approved the establishment of an External Scientific Advisory Council in addition to strengthening governance across the Pillar.  



In 2013 a pilot measurement exercise was launched among our 50 Board member companies and the output was shared with key stakeholders to build the Pillar as the key partner of choice of the global health and wellness agenda. The Board approved the Pillar’s five-year plan and the Steering Committee set about its implementation.  



To support implementation of the Health & Wellness Resolutions a Stakeholder Engagement Roadmap and Framework of Actions were approved in 2012. The Committee reinforced its agenda with an initiative on understanding the consequences of the ageing consumer and they worked on the establishment of a monitoring mechanism to report on progress.



On the first day of our annual Global Summit in Barcelona, we unveiled new industry‐wide resolutions on consumer health and wellness. The three resolutions, approved by our Board, are built upon and leverage existing proven initiatives such as the International Food & Beverages Alliance, GMA commitments in the US and food and beverage industry commitments to the EU Platform. They advocate for empowering consumers with products and services and meaningful information to help them make informed choices and support healthier diets and lifestyles and physical activity.



In June 2010, the Board of The Consumer Goods Forum approved the vision, scope, objectives and priorities of our health and wellness work and formalised the Health & Wellness Steering Committee. The Steering Committee shaped the agenda of the Pillar and framed the recommendations for collaboration under a set of Resolutions.  





H&W Resolutions

The Steering Committee has established a set of Board-approved Health and Wellness Resolutions and they provide an excellent example of our industry's collaborative efforts to work together to improve the health and wellness of consumers, employees, their families and the communities they serve. These focus on the access and availability of products and services; product information and responsible marketing; and communication and education about healthier diets and lifestyles.

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Pillar Steering Group

The Health and Wellness Steering Committee is co-chaired by Isabelle Grosmaitre, Danone, and Alex Hurd, Walmart. The Steering Committee has the mission of scoping and categorising existing momentum on health and wellness. It also aims to develop collaborative industry actions between retailers and manufacturers, as well as private partnerships, where relevant, to better promote health and wellness to consumers and shoppers.

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