Why Health & WellnessEmpowering the World's Population

Helping Consumers Live Healthier Lives  - The Consumer Goods Forum

Health and Wellness presents challenges as well as opportunities for the entire industry globally – including retailers and manufacturers across food, beverages, personal care and hygiene.

But the issues are complex and multi-causal; no single solution can stimulate the adoption of healthier lifestyles.

However, the problem is clear. Today, the world faces a critical increase in noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), including obesity. This increase is directly related to the changing lifestyles of the world’s population, including those to diets and physical activity.

Addressing the situation requires action from all stakeholders. And, as the only association in the consumer goods industry that is truly global, while embracing both retailers and manufacturers, we are uniquely placed to help drive positive change in this area.
Our Board of Directors agrees.  They believe that manufacturers and retailers, by working together, have a key role to play in improving the health and wellness of consumers, employees, their families and the communities we serve. 
Our members are in a position to provide consumers with choices and information that empower them to make decisions for a healthy life.  We are helping to encourage a culture of prevention, promoting active, healthy living for all and engaging with other stakeholders to accelerate and increase the positive impact of our efforts. We are also committed to monitoring and learning from our efforts and will report on our progress. 
Of course, we recognise that achieving balanced diets is only part of the solution to reducing obesity, diabetes and NCDs, and we will encourage collaboration across our manufacturer and retailer members to support all consumers, shoppers and employees in following an active lifestyle by implementing our Commitments and Resolutions.
The Health & Wellness Commitments and Resolutions are built upon and leverage existing industry initiatives. They encourage retailers and food and non-food manufacturers to further develop and implement self-regulatory tools to support healthier diet and lifestyles.
Together, we can empower the world’s population to make healthier product and lifestyle choices.

H&W Resolutions

The Steering Committee has established a set of Board-approved Health and Wellness Resolutions and they provide an excellent example of our industry's collaborative efforts to work together to improve the health and wellness of consumers, employees, their families and the communities they serve. These focus on the access and availability of products and services; product information and responsible marketing; and communication and education about healthier diets and lifestyles.

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Pillar Steering Group

The Health and Wellness Steering Committee is co-chaired by Julie Greene, Ahold Delhaize, and Petra Klassen Wigger, Nestlé. The Steering Committee has the mission of scoping and categorising existing momentum on health and wellness. It also aims to develop collaborative industry actions between retailers and manufacturers, as well as private partnerships, where relevant, to better promote health and wellness to consumers and shoppers.

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