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2017 - Our Latest Health & Wellness Updates

Below you can find all the latest news and updates from our Health & Wellness work. You can also navigate to our archived news if you would like to view news from years gone by.

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2017 Tutorial to Support CGF H&W Survey



CGF Members Unite for a Common Cause – Consumer Health in Latin America

The Consumer Goods Forum Starts Instore Pilot Programme to Promote Healthier Lifestyles to Consumers in Colombia

201705 Health Wellness Colombia Pilot Image Large3BOGOTA, Colombia, 11th May 2017 – The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) has launched a new pilot programme in Bogota, Colombia, designed to provide consumers with nutrition and physical activity guidance and education to empower consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions. The programme will run across eight stores in the city and is titled, Give a Healthy Twist to Your Life. The programme is supported by CGF members Alqueria, Cencosud, Femsa, Grupo Bimbo, Grupo Éxito, Kellogg's, Nestlé, PepsiCo and The Coca-Cola Company.

Following the recent formation of the CGF’s Latin America Board and the opening of its Latin America office in Bogota, the CGF has been investigating ways that it can bring its regional members together to address a common challenge and deliver a collaborative initiative that helps empower consumers to make more informed decisions related to healthier diets and lifestyles. The rollout of the Bogota pilot is the first such example of this collaborative effort in the region.

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Annual Survey Asks How Consumer Goods Companies Are Empowering Consumers

The Consumer Goods Forum Kicks-Off Annual Health & Wellness Survey

PARIS, 18th July 2017 – The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) is pleased to announce the launch of the 2017 Health & Wellness Survey. Now in its 5th year, the Survey continues to grow in influence as a key tool for members of the CGF to highlight their positive actions and to share their story on how they are addressing the growing consumer demand for products and services that will help them lead fuller, healthier, longer and happier lives. This is the only such global survey covering both retailers and consumer goods manufacturers and is seen as a critical driver in ensuring consumer goods industry continues to make progress against its public resolutions and commitments, as part of The Consumer Goods Forum. It is developed in conjunction with Deloitte.

The CGF asks all members to participate and complete those questions that are relevant to their businesses, while other consumer goods companies are also strongly encouraged to get involved. The Health & Wellness team remain available should participants have any questions or need help to complete the Survey (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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Q2 2017 Newsletter


The Consumer Goods Forum and PAHO Foundation Sign Memorandum of Understanding


MEXICO CITY, 19th April 2017 – The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and PAHO Foundation have today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to signal their commitment to collaboration for healthier lives in Latin America. The MoU states that both parties agree to work together to foster innovation leading to improved health and wellness outcomes in the region. The MoU also states that the PAHO Foundation recognises the unique ability of the CGF Latin America Board of Directors to speak on behalf of the industry in its relationship with external stakeholders.

This important, cross-sectoral partnership emphasises how more can be achieved by working collaboratively - an idea central to the CGF’s mission. As the only organisation bringing consumer goods retailers and manufacturers together globally, the CGF is uniquely placed to support PAHO Foundation’s mission to improve the lives of people in Latin America through innovation and strategic partnerships.

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[BLOG] Product Reformulation Numbers Take Centre Stage in Latest Health & Wellness Progress Report

Sharon Bligh, CGF's Health & Wellness Director, looks at our recent Health & Wellness Progress Report and the elements that resonated most.

We recently published our latest edition of the Health & Wellness Progress Report that outlines how CGF members are moving towards implementation of our Resolutions and Commitments.

For example, the data covered in our 2016-member survey shows that:

180,000 products have been reformulated, with 75% of responding members confirming they have reformulated products. For food and beverage companies, sodium and sugar were most often targeted for removal in reformulation and whole grains and vitamins were the most common nutrients to be added. For personal care and hygiene companies, the removal of parabens was the number one target in reformulation.

  • More than 30,000 communities were reached through industry-led health and wellness programmes, with 72% of responding members having partnered with community stakeholders.
  • Over 386,000 schools were involved in education programmes on health and wellness.
  • 93% of respondents said a “strong majority” of employees are eligible for employee health and wellness programmes.
  • 44% confirmed they were consulted by national and/or regional governments on the issue of improving health and wellness.

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New Report Shows Over 180,000 Consumer Goods Products Reformulated

The Consumer Goods Forum Survey Shows How Its Members are Working Collaboratively in Communities to Help Inspire Healthier Lives2017 Health and Wellness Porgress Report Infographic

PARIS, 9th March 2017 – New data from The Consumer Goods Forum (“CGF”) shows more than 180,000 consumer goods products have been reformulated in 2016, while over 30,000 communities worldwide have been involved in industry-led programmes that promote healthier diets and lifestyles. The data is part of the latest CGF Health & Wellness Progress Report, developed in conjunction with Deloitte, which details how its members are working together to empower consumers and employees around the world to live healthier lives.

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Consumer Goods Industry Highlights Actions to Promote Healthier Lives in New Case Studies Booklet

HW case studies coverPARIS, 27th February 2017 – The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) has today published a new case studies booklet highlighting the positive actions of its members to create a culture of prevention and empower both consumers and employees to adopt healthier lives. The new booklet – available here – includes stories on how member companies are reformulating products, implementing employee health and wellness programmes and working within communities to educate consumers on how to adopt healthy diets and lifestyles.

The CGF is unique in that it is the only organisation bringing consumer goods retailers, manufacturers and service providers together globally, and this publication showcases their commitment to work together as industry leaders to drive positive change. 15 member companies have contributed to the launch edition of the booklet and more are expected to be added in due course. The booklet is part of the CGF’s Health & Wellness Pillar

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Q1 2017 Newsletter - Now in Video Format!


[BLOG] Why It’s So Hard to Reverse Food Supersizing

Pierre Chandon, Member of Health & Wellness External Advisory Council for The Consumer Goods Forum, shares his thoughts on supersizing.

Understanding size perceptions can help make consumers more receptive to both downsizing and supersizing.

As food portions and packages have grown, so has the weight of many consumers. To reverse this trend, and preserve their margins when costs go up, some food makers have tried downsizing their product sizes.

But whenever a brand tries to shave a few percentages points off the size of their product, consumers immediately notice and complain. The latest revolt occurred late last year when Mondelez reduced the size of its Toblerone chocolate bars in the United Kingdom by increasing the gap between its triangular chunks. When brands have chosen to decrease sizes rather than increase prices, they often make headlines news. Former New York Mayor Bloomberg’s attempts to cap soft drink cups at 16 ounces (44 cl) level even made the cover of the regulation-friendly New Yorker magazine.

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CGF LatAm Steering Committee Meets PAHO Foundation to Discuss Health in Latin America

Last week, members of the CGF’s global and Latin America Steering Committees met with the PAHO Foundation in Atlanta, US to discuss ongoing health priorities in the Latin America region and areas for possible collaboration. The CGF, in all regions of the globe, is committed to working with key stakeholder groups to help drive positive change at a local level and such meetings are seen as essential steps in making the real, long-term impacts. During the meeting, both parties agreed that more emphasis needs to be on building a stronger culture of prevention than simply looking at ways to manage health-related illnesses. There was also agreement on the important role the consumer goods industry should play in educating people about health. Our Health & Wellness Pillar, with its ongoing mission to drive positive and collaborative change that builds consumer trust and empowers people around the world to live healthier lives, is now more recognised than ever as being part of a global solution.

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External Advisory Council Members Update Steering Committee on Areas for Action
During the recent Health & Wellness Steering Committee meeting in October, members of the External Advisory Council presented their thoughts on what the CGF should be doing to help progress actions that help empower consumers to make informed choices and inspire people around the world to live healthier lives. The group also discussed how the CGF can better connect with multi-stakeholder networks outside of the consumer goods industry. Members of the Council present were Pierre Chandon, PhD, Stephan Jacob, PhD, James O. Hill, PhD, and Ellen E. Wartella, PhD.

Health & Wellness Steering Committee Meet in Paris Ahead of Sustainable Retail Summit
In October, our Health & Wellness Steering Committee held their bi-annual meeting in Paris. The meeting, which was later in the year than usual, was hosted ahead of the CGF’s first-ever Sustainable Retail Summit, where Healthier Communities was one of three megatrends discussed.  
During the Steering Committee meeting, key retailer and manufacturer members came together to discuss the direction being taken by the Pillar and the reframing of our agenda, as well as to provide progress reports from each of the working groups. Committee members also got a first glimpse at results from the 2016 implementation survey that was conducted recently. More on this in the coming months. However, we can tell you now that results are positive and progress is being seen.

Healthier Communities High on Agenda at this Year’s Sustainable Retail Summit
CGF Sustainable Retail Summit - Health & Wellness PillarSome 240 delegates from nearly 30 countries joined this year’s Sustainable Retail Summit, held in Paris on 27th & 28th October. The event delivered on its promise to inspire and inform, leaving participants equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to implement sustainable business practices in their organisations and drive positive change across the industry.
The conference brought together thought leaders from business, government and civil society and was a unique education and networking opportunity for all those in attendance. 
Steps being taken to develop healthier communities was one of the three core themes of this year’s summit, together with food waste and forced labour, with two sessions focused exclusively on the topic. Health & Wellness Steering Committee Co-Chair Petra Klassen Wigger was also on hand to help kick off the event by providing the audience with an introduction to our work.
The summaries of these sessions can be found below and have been taken from the Sustainable Retail Summit Executive Summary.

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Tell Us Your Health & Wellness Story; New Booklet to be Published
Deadline: 9th December
Dear Members,
Following the success of the 50+ practical examples currently available via our digital Health & Wellness Toolkit, we’d like to continue to highlight the good work our members are doing on empowering people around the world to live healthier lifestyles by helping to tell your story through an all-new case studies booklet. Similar booklets have proved extremely successful in our Sustainability Pillar, and we'd like to replicate that success here.
As many of you are aware, in June 2014, the CGF Board of Directors agreed on four commitments with the aim of building greater momentum and driving positive change globally. In 2016, two of those commitments will be coming to, what we hope will be, a successful conclusion. And, in order to highlight your successes, we need your health and wellness stories.
Health & Wellness - CGF Case Studies

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[Blog] Employee Health and Wellness – the Asda Way 

Health & Wellness Director Sharon Bligh recently had the pleasure of catching up with two employees from UK retailer Asda to discuss how the company handles employee health and wellness. The two-part interview also looked at Asda Wellbeing Week and their newly-launched Wellbeing Hub:

Me: What is "Colleague Wellbeing Week" and how did you guys celebrate it?
Damian: The Wellbeing Week was the idea of one of our colleagues. She brought a group of people together to really drive home the importance of colleague wellbeing. It was a week-long event with lots going on, but the main aim was to show colleagues what wellbeing can be, share tips, tools and even some more physical techniques which can help to calm the mind. These included exercise, yoga, meditation, physiotherapy and acupuncture.
Paul: It was an event to raise awareness of colleague’s Wellness across the business, the support available to them and to contribute to the aim of stopping the stigma attached to Mental Health.

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The Employee Health & Wellness Commitment - It's Time to Get Involved

Our Health & Wellness Director Sharon Bligh recently sent a letter to members calling for participation in our Employee Health & Wellness Commitment. The letter highlights a number of great resources that are available to companies looking for inspiration and ideas, as well as for contribution to our upcoming case studies booklet.


Dear Members,

CGF and Employee Health & Wellness CommitmentWhether you are a consumer goods retailer, manufacturer or service provider, you are undoubtedly a company that hires people. These people are, in turn, your most important assets. Recognising this, in 2014, our Board of Directors made a public commitment to help our industry move as one and implement employee health and wellness programmes by the end of 2016. With more than 10 million people working for CGF member companies, the potential for positive change is clear for all to see. It’s time to empower our own.

I’m yet to meet a company that doesn’t want healthy employees, and our commitment is relevant to all 400 members of the CGF. No matter what company you work for, positive change can happen and you can meet the changing health and wellness needs of your people, no matter if you hire five or 50,000 people.

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Healthier Communities -  a Call for Collaboration to Our Retailer and Manufacturer Members

1. Why

Health and wellness presents challenges as well as opportunities for the entire consumer goods industry in every country where people buy and use our products. As the only organisation bringing consumer goods retailers and manufacturers together globally, we find ourselves in the unique position of being able to reach these people in communities all over the world. The question is, what do we do with it?
As part of the CGF’s Health & Wellness Pillar, we understand our members have the capabilities to drive positive change and multiple interventions to reach the objective of working better together - as retailers and manufacturers - to help people and communities live healthier lives.

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