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2017 - Our Latest Health & Wellness Updates

Below you can find all the latest news and updates from our Health & Wellness work. You can also navigate to our archived news if you would like to view news from years gone by.

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[New Event] Health & Wellness on Agenda of New CGF Event, the Sustainable Retail SummitCGF Sustainable Retail Summit

The CGF recently confirmed a new event to be held in October 2016 in Paris. The event, the Sustainable Retail Summit, will give members and non-members the opportunity to learn more about our pillar activities, working groups and resolutions, and provide insights and best practices around how to implement our Board-approved Resolutions and Commitments. It will also serve as a link between operational people involved in Pillar working groups and CEOs.
The first event will cover relevant areas across our work on Environmental and Social Sustainability and Health & Wellness, together with work on our End-to-End Value Chain & Standards Pillar. 

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