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The Health & Wellness Pillar works across the industry and with external stakeholders to empower people to make more informed decisions and to help them adopt healthier lifestyles. 

It focuses on positive change and prioritises actions that require global collaboration across manufacturers and retailers and between food, personal care and hygiene. It supports the industry to be a key partner of choice in the global health and wellness agenda.
Our objective is to work together - as retailers and manufacturers - to contribute to helping people in communities around the world live healthier lives.  The work stream is focused on a positive agenda shaped by consumer needs and we will build our knowledge of these needs through our members and external stakeholders.
Health and Wellness presents challenges as well as opportunities for the entire industry globally – including retailers and manufacturers across food, beverages, personal care and hygiene.  However, the issues are complex and multi-causal; no single solution can stimulate the adoption of healthier lifestyles. A comprehensive programme of multiple interventions is therefore needed.
The industry brings many unique capabilities and assets to the challenge of stimulating behaviour change and encouraging consumers to live healthier lifestyles. The Health & Wellness Pillar, therefore, believes that we have a duty to play an important role in pursuing these interventions – both as individual organisations and collectively, in partnership with stakeholders in the public and social sectors.

Scaling-Up for the Greater Good

In order to drive positive action within communities around the world, we will support initiatives that can be cloned and scaled to move beyond 1:1 collaboration.  We will play a role by broadening the story of working together.  At the CGF, we will aim to get multiple manufacturers and retailers working together to build and expand 1:1 initiatives to bring sustainable and healthier growth.  There is no limit to companies who can join the cause. A commitment to helping people throughout their lives to be healthier will be the common goal for all such initiatives.   
The collective approach will actively promote and encourage better lifestyles.  It will enable us to learn from best practices on public health issues that are consistently seen around the world.  By working together we can find the right actions to help people be healthier.  We will focus on the i) causes ii) collaboration iii) approach and iv) impact.

Healthier Communities: A 5-Step Framework


Healthier Communities - Action Framework

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