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The Health & Wellness Pillar is committed to reporting publically on its progress.

To ensure the widest possible implementation of our resolutions, a survey of members, beginning with the Board, was started in 2013. With results published in an annual report, this is seen as a critical driver in ensuring our industry takes action and in enabling us, as an industry, to learn from our efforts. With the adoption of the Health & Wellness Commitments in 2014, the Steering Committee has been working on strengthening KPIs to report on implementation and to inspire the full membership with an insightful report.  

Monitoring Progress

A measurement framework has been developed that leverages company initiatives, collective initiatives and supports industry-wide implementation. The framework acknowledges that companies are at different stages in the innovation process and it measures on three dimensions of implementation: Policies, Programmes and Outcomes. The robust reporting has incorporated learnings from the existing monitoring mechanisms of our strategic partners. The framework enables the Pillar to establish a strong platform on which to engage with stakeholders and work towards its vision of stimulating health and wellness.

The Progress Report

In March 2017, we published results from the fourth annual survey of our members as part of the Measurement & Reporting Progress Report. Developed in conjunction with Deloitte, the Report is designed to track industry progress on implementing our Health & Wellness Resolutions and Commitments and help facilitate fact-based dialogue with our wider membership and key stakeholders. 
This is the only such survey in our industry and follows on from the inaugural survey and report published in January 2014 and the follow-on annual reports, which was open to all members for the first time, in March 2015. Initially launched as a pilot survey of our Board member companies, we plan to build upon these results each year and showcase how our industry is driving positive change and helping people to make more informed diet and lifestyle choices. 

2017 Health and Wellness Porgress Report Infographic

Join the Working Groups

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The Enablers Working Groups are actively seeking CGF members to join their ranks and to help further drive our commitments and public reporting efforts.

The H&W Toolkit

The Health & Wellness Toolkit - The Consumer Goods Forum
This Health & Wellness Toolkit acts as a reference for all consumer goods companies who are interested in contributing to our global, industry movement.

2017 Survey Participants


The Health & Wellness Steering Committee also host regular webinars and publish additional reports on top of mind issues to provide a complete picture to support implementation, realising that our members are at varying stages in the implementation process.

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