2017 Survey Participants


Now in its fifth year, our annual Health & Wellness survey measures the positive, public actions of our members and reports on their individual and collective commitments to empower healthy consumers globally. 

Results from the previous survey – published in March 2017 – showed that more and more companies are now participating globally. However, many companies have yet to join the process. 78 companies took part in the 2015 survey, up from 68 the year before. In 2016, we saw an increase of 30% over the number of respondents with 102 individual companies responding, and our goal is to have 120 respondents in 2017!

You can find all the participants of this year's survey listed below. We very much thank these companies for their continued support and for publicly supporting our efforts to help people live healthier lives. Thanks to all of those who have contributed to our ongoing success and for showing that you are part of the solution to today's biggest health and wellness challenges.

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2017 Health and Wellness Porgress Report Infographic
Results show that good progress has been made in a number of key areas, but members also openly acknowledge that more needs to be done to harness the consumer goods industry’s collective power.


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Based on 2016 survey data, the Health & Wellness Progress Report shows how members are implementing the Health & Wellness Resolutions & Commitments, and driving positive change. From reformulating 180,000 products to the introduction of school education programmes, CGF members are committed to being part of the solution and to helping empower consumers to live healthier lives. The report and video were produced with the support of Deloitte.