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Our members have committed to making company policies on nutrition and product formulation public by 2016.

Our members aim to offer consumers and shoppers a range of products and services that support the goals of healthier diets and lifestyles through a number of different initiatives, and the CGF will continue to support all companies, regardless of size or stage of development to meet this deadline.
The rationale for working on nutrition and product formulations and/or reformulations is to ensure that the composition of our product portfolios evolve with the scientific evidence that support national and international dietary recommendations. This is followed by our public reporting of same.
We have also established a dedicated Nutrition and Product Formulation Working Group, who are looking into ways to help drive the industry forward as we aim to help the wider membership meet this public commitment. The Working Group meets regularly and helped in the creation of the Nutrition and Product Formulation chapter in our Health & Wellness Toolkit. Those member companies interested in joining should contact us to learn more.

What's in a Commitment?

As part of the Nutrition & Product Formulation Commitment, members agree that in order to empower consumers to live healthier lifestyles and improve wellbeing, actions should focus on:

  • Improving products and services
  • Striving towards national/regional formulation guidelines
  • Communicating the role and benefits of your products and services
  • Making the better choice the easier choice
  • Reflecting the latest (public) consumer insights and research
  • Ensuring that member companies can validate their achievements (3rd party endorsement)

The H&W Commitments

The consumer goods industry is ready to take action. Members of our Health & Wellness Pillar understand the health and wellness challenges facing the world’s population and are committed to being part of the solution. 
Our Health & Wellness Commitments are an extension of this. They specifically ask our members for increased alignment and engagement on our ambitious five-year plan, which aims to empower the world’s population to make healthier product and lifestyle choices. 

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Join the Working Group

Join a Health & Wellness Working Group - The Consumer Goods Forum
This Nutrition and Product Formulation Working Group is actively seeking CGF members to join its ranks and to help further drive our commitment.

Practical Examples

Practical Examples on Employee Health & Wellness - The Consumer Goods Forum
Take a look at some examples of what our member companies have already being doing in the area of nutrition and product formulation.

The H&W Toolkit

The Health & Wellness Toolkit - The Consumer Goods Forum
This Health & Wellness Toolkit acts as a reference for all consumer goods companies who are interested in contributing to our global, industry movement.