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Health & Wellness Resolutions - The Consumer Goods Forum

1. Specific Resolutions on Access & Availability of Products and Services

Offer consumers and shoppers a range of products and services that supports the goals of healthier diets and lifestyles.

For the Food sector, this includes:
1.1 Continuing to develop / improve affordability and availability of existing products and services that support the goal of healthier diets and lifestyles
1.2 Reducing the overall energy, salt/sodium, sugars, saturated and trans-fat content of our foods and beverages to help address public health priorities
1.3 Enhancing our products with respect to ingredients and nutrients which should be encouraged in the diet
1.4 Seeking opportunities to address nutritional deficiencies of vulnerable populations
1.5 Providing healthier choices of products and services for a range of budgets
1.6 Developing product sizes for a range of consumer needs
1.7 Promoting consumption of fruits and vegetables.
For the Non-Food sector, this includes:
1.8 Continuing to develop / improve affordability of existing products that support the goal of healthier lifestyles
1.9 Developing product sizes for a range of consumer needs and budgets
1.10 Providing better access to personal care through public and private channels.

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H&W Resolution 3

Read the full resolution on Communication & Education about Healthier Diets and Lifestyles, whereby communication and educational programmes will help raise consumer awareness on health & wellness and energy balance to inspire healthier diets and lifestyles.

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