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2. Specific Resolutions on Product Information & Responsible Marketing

Provide transparent, fact-based information that will help consumers and shoppers make informed product choices and usages.
For the Food sector, this includes:
2.1 Providing globally, wherever feasible, on-pack nutrition information on products – for at least seven (7) parameters: energy, carbohydrates, total sugars, protein, fat, saturated fats, sodium, and also for nutrients on which a nutrition or health claim is made. This will include per serving/portion and per 100 g/ml, if required, and may include the contribution to the diet as a percentage of the official daily intake guidance, where such values are available.
2.2 Displaying energy information (at minimum) on the front of pack in markets, where there is currently no specific recommendation for Front of Pack nutrition information
2.3 Acknowledging that there are other existing Front of Pack labelling systems in various parts of the world – particularly those supported by local governments – we will work synergistically with other on-pack information.
2.4 Committing to voluntary, company-specific measures to ensure that any advertising to children under the age of 12 years is only for products which fulfill specific nutrition criteria based on scientific evidence and /or applicable national and international dietary guidelines or that we do not advertise at all on media directed to children under the age of 12 years.
For the Non-Food sector, this includes:
2.5 Displaying clear product usages on packaging
2.6 Partnering with school communities, including parents and educators, to provide information consistent with developing habits of safe product usage
2.7 Partnering with healthcare professionals to develop holistic solutions for managing the health and wellness of their patients throughout the various life stages

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