Delivering Value

Sustainability Pillar Value Proposition - The Consumer Goods Forum

With the objectives of providing leadership and driving positive change, there are numerous benefits for our members to be part of the Sustainability Pillar. 
These include:
  • the opportunity to be part of the global voice for the consumer goods industry on environmental sustainability;
  • being able to shape the environmental sustainability agenda of The Consumer Goods Forum;
  • the opportunity to identify and develop best practices, innovative solutions and implementation tools; 
  • the chance to jointly address issues (and participate in projects) that deliver results and potential industry momentum around issues companies cannot solve individually;
  • access to new and important tools and resources, as well as key events, reserved for members of The Consumer Goods Forum;
  • privileged access to thought and implementation leaders in the environmental sustainability arena as well as through organisations such as Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 and other public and civil society partners; and
  • the chance to learn from peers and benchmark against leading practices as well as have practical access to implementation knowledge.

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