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Pillar News & Alerts - Q3 2016

The Highlights
The Consumer Goods Forum Joins Champions 12.3 Coalition 
The CGF has agreed to join Champions 12.3, a coalition of leaders from governments, businesses, farmer groups and civil society organisations dedicated towards sustainable development.
First-Ever Global Standard to Measure Food Loss and Waste Published
The FLW Standard is the first-ever set of global definitions and reporting requirements for companies, countries and others to consistently and credibly measure, report on and manage food loss and waste.
General Updates
Sustainable Retail Summit 
Join us in Paris on 27th and 28th October for the first-ever Sustainable Retail Summit! This edition will focus on environmental and social sustainable issues in the industry context.
Are We Turning Collective Commitment into Action?
In this blog post Ignacio Gavilan, Director, Environmental Sustainability, reflects on three recent reports related to whether companies are meeting their commitments to deforestation-free supply chains.
The CGF Integrates The Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP) 
The GSCP, a programme dedicated to developing more sustainable supply chains and already hosted by the CGF, is to now be fully integrated into the CGF’s Sustainability Pillar.
Product Packaging Gets a New Lease of Life
In this guest blog post, Suzanne Vallance writes about the innovative ways companies are using food waste to produce sustainable packaging.
New GSCP Equivalence Process Brochure Published 
Check out the new EP Brochure to learn more; making your supply chains more sustainable and transparent has never looked so easy!
Collaborative Webinar on Food Waste Held 29th July 
Following the recent publication of the first-ever global standard for measuring food loss and waste, a webinar was held on food loss and waste measurement in the consumer goods industry. 
CGF at Innovation and Sustainability for Consumer Packaging Conference 
Ignacio Gavilan, director of Environmental Sustainability, recently spoke at a conference in South Korea on “Innovation and Sustainability for Consumer Packaging”
Workshop on Sustainable Soy Sourcing Held in Brazil on 3rd June
The key objective of the workshop was to identify prevailing challenges in Brazil and determine how the CGF can leverage partnerships to drive the development of a sustainable soy supply from South America.
Ignacio’s Attendance at PEFC UK Stakeholder Day
As a keynote speaker at PEFC’s July UK Stakeholder Day, our environmental sustainability director’s presentation was a hot topic for those in attendance. 
Join Peers at the Sustainable Retail Summit, 27th-28th October, in Paris
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