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Fighting Forced Labour – A Rallying Call from the Consumer Goods Industry
The Board of The Consumer Goods Forum Calls for an Ambitious Action Plan and Need for Global Collaboration
PARIS, 14th January 2016 -- The Board of The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) today announced an ambitious, new resolution to fight forced labour issues throughout global supply chains, launching a rallying call to the industry.
CGF member companies have been long committed to promoting decent working conditions worldwide but recognise that eradication of forced labour remains a key challenge. Global supply chains are complex, and they often involve some of the poorest countries in the world with limited institutional capacity for regulation to protect workers’ rights. The prominence of the informal sector, new trends in mass migration and the covert nature of forced labour continue to generate human rights abuses and lend to the difficulty of battling them. 

[BLOG] Our MD's Reflection on 2015 and the CGF Plans for 2016
Managing Director Peter Freedman shares his thoughts on 2015 and talks next steps and plans for 2016 in his annual January post.
Dear CGF MemberPeter Freedman, MD, The Consumer Goods Forum
On behalf of all of the staff at the CGF, I would like to wish you a happy and successful New Year! As usual at this time of year, I am writing with a summary of how the CGF has been working on your behalf in 2015 but also a look ahead to our priorities for 2016.
As you know, the CGF’s mission is to help manufacturers and retailers collaborate for positive change and efficiency. We were set up to be an “implementation house”, not a “talk shop”. Last year I believe we have made some progress towards doing as well as talking. So I thought it would be worth sharing two perspectives on this – the collective views of our members and those of the external world.

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