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Welcome to the West Coast!

Our industry has never experienced disruption at a faster pace than now, while the disruption pace tomorrow will make today’s seem slow. Our industry is facing a precipice and “business as usual” is no longer an option. New technologies, changing consumer demands and digital-first companies are ensuring turbulence from all sides. As such, we can no longer talk about individual solutions in isolation.

Companies must choose the path that is right for them, but a path you must choose, and it’s one that will be easier through collaboration. One thing is for certain, accepting the status quo will lead to failure. Companies need to look for new ways to collaborate, to reach customers and to innovate.

We must find new models to satisfy new consumer needs and the 2019 Global Summit will help you get there, as we explore the very best examples of responsible business and digital business models and hear from those leading the charge. And, with Vancouver being one of the leading start-up environments in the world, we will be sure to hear from new players and disruptors seeking to make their mark on our industry.

Welcome to the West Coast! It’s time to reimagine and redesign.

At a Glance


Tuesday 11th June

Wednesday 12th June

Thursday 13th June

Friday 14th June 

MORNING     All Day Store Tour   Special Sessions  Plenary Sessions  Plenary Sessions
LUNCH   Delegates Lunch Delegates Lunch   Delegates Lunch
AFTERNOON   Plenary Sessions  Plenary Sessions    
EVENING     Official Opening Cocktail Gala Dinner  
Danone's Partners Programme

Life partners of the Global Summit delegates have access to a special agenda prepared by Danone, as well as to all business sessions and all official social events during the Global Summit.

The Summit Committee & Taskforce
  • Chairman: Anders Svensson, ICA AB, Sweden
  • Mark Batenic, IGA
  • Jerry Black, AEON
  • Peter Child, McKINSEY
  • Antonio Coto Gutierrez, DIA
  • Julie Hamilton, THE COCA-COLA COMPANY
  • Alfred Oetker, Dr. OETKER
  • Alexis Perakis-Valat, L’OREAL
  • Jeff Schomburger, THE PROCTER & GAMBLE COMPANY
  • Sarah Davis, Loblaw
  • Darrell Jones, Save-On-Foods
  • Max Kouene, McCain
  • Willy Kruh, KPMG
  • Judith McKenna, Walmart
  • Art Smith, GS1 Canada