Enabling Consumers to Lead Healthier Lives

In 2018, the global Health & Wellness Steering Committee created Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL), a global movement led by manufacturers, retailers, public health authorities, academics and local communities with the aim of making healthier decisions easier and habitual for people in every community around the world. As part of this movement, the Steering Committee committed to enabling consumers to lead healthier lives, by highlighting the importance of digital as a way to nudge people towards healthier behaviours. Now, as a Coalition, that commitment is stronger than ever.

Behavioural Change and Digital as an Enabler

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) partnered with Capgemini in the development of the Global Health and Wellness Digital Framework. The Framework provides CGF members and stakeholders with a guide to how digital can support the goal of positively impacting behavioural change to help people live healthier lives.

The framework outlines the role that digital technology can play for companies as they build tailored roadmaps for their health initiatives and includes case studies of how digital is already driving positive changes in consumer behaviour.

Digital communications have now become an essential part of everyday life. By using digital and data-sharing innovative solutions, we hope to enable new business models and effectively reach consumers around the world with accurate and personalised information.

Download Global Health and Wellness Digital Framework

Encouraging Community Participation with Digital Tools

We are working with Capgemini on the development of four concepts on how to nudge healthier behaviours in the digital environment. These include:

  • Decoded: Developing a simplified colour-code system which can help consumers navigate healthy purchases and can reward the healthy choices they make.
  • Better Together: A social commerce platform that invites micro-influencers to host recorded or live-streamed videos focused on reviewing, recommending, and using/cooking with health and wellness products for an audience of users.  
  • Contextual Cart: A predictive system that uses contextual environmental data, historical purchase data, and personal wellness goals to proactively create customized shopping recommendations for consumers.
  • Simul-ate: A gamified shopping experience that teaches healthier lifestyle habits over time. Consumers could receive a healthier shopping journey challenge via a retailers app aimed at incremental behaviour change week over week. Weekly challenges are personalised to each household and are based on purchase history from loyalty card data.