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Sharing Knowledge on Latest Trends

The aim of the End-to-End Value Chain Learning Series is to deliver thought-provoking material to the wider CGF membership on “trending topics”. If you download one of the reports, you should get a good introduction into the topic and take away some key learnings or knowledge that you can use immediately after studying the material. And, while the target group is primarily the wider CGF membership, documents are produced in a manner fit for the general public to understand, skipping the complex jargon to ensure maximum impact. 

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our members, we have already produced a number of educational resources on key topics like blockchain, modularisation, internet of things, store of the future and the physical internet. Such resources include reports, webinars, videos and workshops.

Check out the complete list of the current Learning Series titles below and get in-the-know. The Resources section below then has all content related to the individual topics in the series.

Food Authenticity, Traceability & Safety: Understanding DNA-Based Test Methods

The increasing complexity of the food supply chain is challenging the industry to find ways to improve the traceability of ingredients used for food production. In this paper, SGS looks at some of the pioneering work being done to introduce Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for routine use in the food sector.

Moving Beyond Shrinkage: An Overview of Total Retail Loss

A concept developed through research sponsored by both the Retail Industry Leaders Association and the ECR Community Shrinkage and On-shelf Availability Group. The document provides a radically new way to better understand and measure the current and emerging retail risk landscape. 

AI & Robotics

The linear models of many consumer goods supply chains are now shifting towards consumer-led, data-driven, highly complex supply networks. For organisations willing to embrace this inevitable evolution, AI and Robotics automation will enable innovation, ensure optimum service levels and deliver growth at low cost. It will become a major source of competitive advantage. Learn more from the AI & Robotics paper produced together with PA Consulting.

Smart Reduction of Consumer Food Waste: Using technology for the benefit of retailers and consumers

Capgemini and The Consumer Goods Forum, through this End-to-End Value Chain Learning Series, aim to identify the challenges and opportunities that food retailers face and the important role they can play in reducing food waste among consumers.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is big. However, it’s easily misunderstood. Our IoT educational series has been designed, together with experts from Capgemini and Intel, to help breakdown the jargon to allow you to get the facts and see where the IoT can help improve your business performance and ensure greater consumer trust. 

Download Blockchain Learning Series Paper

Blockchain will fundamentally change how companies interact and do business together. This paper, prepared with the support of IBM, looks at how this technology will impact the value chain for retailers and consumer goods manufacturers. The insights will highlight the value blockchain can bring to your organisation and help you get started.

Store of the Future

We know online shopping is here to stay, but people will always want to go into a real shop. We expect tomorrow’s store to combine the best of online and offline worlds. Shopping will be a special experience, featuring fresh food, new products, and unique events. Together with IGD, we reveal the top ten areas you must consider, in our new report.

Physical Internet

The transformation of the economy is taking place. New technologies unleash new potentials and with them come new players, new practices and new business models shaping a new demand. In this paper, Eric Ballot from MINES ParisTech shares a framework for efficient logistics, explaining the current situation and future possibilities.