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Global Report Shows Progress

To ensure the widest possible implementation of our Resolutions and Commitments, a survey of members, beginning with the Board, was started in 2013.

With results published in an annual report, this is seen as a critical driver in ensuring our industry takes action and in enabling us, as an industry, to learn from our efforts.

And, perhaps more importantly, it allows us to track and publicly report on the industry’s progress towards empowering consumers worldwide, helping to facilitate a fact-based dialogue with our wider membership and key stakeholders.

In February 2018, we published our latest report, which shows that more companies are engaging with their communities on health topics. The annual Health & Wellness Pillar Progress Report highlights that last year there was a 26% rise in participation in health-related programmes amongst CGF members. The report is based on a survey of 83 CGF members, who generate a combined US$2.97 trillion in revenues. We also saw that over the last two years, more than 200,000 products have been reformulated.

There is a lot to be proud of with regards to the achievements of our members. It’s clear that larger companies are demonstrating excellent global leadership, but many other companies have only just joined us on our collective journey.

We must continue to be the global platform that inspires members to drive positive change and provide necessary support through things like toolkits, case studies and workshops. We are hopeful that the progress being seen now will inspire the entire membership.

If you’d like to know about how your company can get involved in the next edition of the survey, please contact the Health & Wellness team.

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