glm-featured-cgf-chl-france-digitalFollowing the recent launch of two local CHL reports, the UK and China, the French team have today published their digital report, focusing on the initial learnings from the very first geotargeted collaborative digital campaign, nudging consumers towards healthier behaviours.

‘On s’y met’ was launched in September 2019 with more than 25 companies joining forces with the local authorities in Lyon, academia and local chefs, and with the objective of encouraging healthier baskets. Many other stakeholders joined to promote healthy eating in Lyon.

In just one year, ‘On s’y met’ has made tangible progress in creating a movement for healthier behaviours that meet consumer needs on the ground. Its success is largely thanks to the commitment of the members, academics, and institutional experts who contributed their expertise from the very start, helping to structure the approach and measure its impact.

Over the course of 2019-2020, the members of ‘On s’y met’ have been working on six key areas to nudge consumers, including, shopping carts, check-out points, island display units, employee health modules, restaurant menus and via a digital strategy.

This report focuses on the economic and media learnings from the very first innovative, collaborative geotargeted digital campaign that has allowed participating companies to nudge consumers towards healthier choices.

Carrefour’s raison d’être is to be the leader of the food transition for all. The “On s’y met” initiative encompasses several concrete actions implemented both in-store and in e-commerce, in order to support our clients in consuming healthier products. It is significant because it prioritises working together – retailers, manufacturers and others, hand in hand – to go further in finding ways to encourage healthy behaviours, such as this innovative collaborative digital campaign”, said Bertrand Swiderski Sustainability Director, Carrefour

 “People have the power to vote for the world they want to live in, every single day, through the food they choose to eat and drink. Danone supports them in moving towards healthier lives and behaviours, which is illustrated in many ways by the ‘On s’y met’ approach. We are proud to be part of this collaborative initiative, as well as this very first geotargeted collaborative digital campaign representing our belief in business models that create both economic value and positive societal impact”, said Thomas Kyriaco, Customer One Planet. One Health Initiatives Director, Danone.

Learnings from ‘On s’y met’s other activities will be presented in a full report later this year.

The report is also available on the CGF’s Global Learning Mechanism.