• 59th GLOBAL SUMMIT: 24–26 JUNE 2015, NY

    TRUST AS A FOUNDATION FOR GROWTHJoin the exclusive network of consumer goods industry top executives, speakers and experts participating in global thought leadership. Read More
  • Climate Change Booklet

    Real Member ActionsSee how our members are working collectively and individually to help address today's biggest climate change challenges. Read More
  • Business &
    Climate Summit

    Collaboration = Better EconomyThe CGF has partnered with the Business & Climate Summit to showcase how business is now ready to play its role in meeting the climate challenge. Read More
  • Health & Wellness
    Progress Report

    Retailers & Manufacturers UnitedResults from new, member-wide survey show that members of the CGF are coming together to help empower consumers to adopt healthier lifestyles. Read More
  • Consumer Engagement

    Board-Approved Principles Industry Comes Together for Collective Agreement on Safeguarding Consumer Information Across Digital Platforms Read More
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Our Strategic PillarsDriving Positive Change Globally

  • Introducing Our Sustainability Pillar +

    Acting together to position the industry as a leader in protecting against climate change, reducing waste and promoting compliance with good working and environmental practices. Read More
  • Introducing Our Product Safety Pillar +

    Increasing confidence in the delivery of safe food globally through the continuous improvement of food safety management systems. Read More
  • Introducing Our Health & Wellness Pillar +

    Empowering consumers and citizens to make the right decisions and helping them to adopt healthier lifestyles. Read More
  • Introducing Our End-to-End Value Chain & Standards Pillar +

    Identifying and implementing global standards, protocols and principles for the management of data, processes and capabilities that span the value chain. Read More
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Our Board of DirectorsEmbracing both retailers and manufacturers

Japan Day
global summit, new york, june 2015

Our Upcoming EventsConferences, Workshops, Meetings & More

We hold a number of annual events and regular workshops and meetings around the world. To learn more about these, and the level of involvement you can have. Check out our calendar to see what's coming up and what you can get involved in.

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The Consumer Goods Forum Publications, Blog, News
Driving Positive Change
GFSI Focus Day India

Our Latest ContentPublications, News, Blog Posts & More

See what collaboration brings as we work together with our members to drive positive change globally. Check out all our latest content, from blog posts to case studies and from news releases to our newest publications.

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Your OrganisationWhat Our Members Say

"M&S can’t change the world of palm oil on its own. We use a fraction of the world’s supply. By teaming up with other big players in the industry through The Forum, we have additional leverage and can share best practice. Very simply, together we are stronger and can move faster to help create a more sustainable approach to production and consumption".