Benefits of Being a CGF Member

As the only association in the consumer goods industry that is truly global, while embracing both retailers and manufacturers, and service providers, our members understand the value of our uniqueness. Many of the opportunities and issues that we face as an industry can’t be addressed by individual companies alone, or just by collaborating regionally. The CGF offers you a seat at the table, and our members know that our global, cross-value chain perspective is critical to helping drive positive change globally and in securing long-term, sustainable business growth.

Whether you are active in our committees and working groups, attend key events or simply make use of the documents and reports we create, there is something to be gained from becoming a member. And, in today’s increasingly interconnected world, the value of sharing global best practices and building global personal networks has never been greater. We are an inclusive community. Our members include small and large companies, food and personal care/hygiene, nationals and multinationals. Our members work together as peers and benefits include unrivalled opportunities to:

What our members say

“We retailers play a vital role in the lives of our shoppers and food is a central part of life. Good food is one of the cornerstones of health. I am proud to see our industry, through the CGF, help shoppers better understand nutrition so they can make great choices for themselves and their families”.

What our members say

“The CGF sets the pace for cross-sector collaboration in many of the most pressing fields of various branches. Industry today needs to lead by example. We have to question, improve and act on the status quo in terms of challenges like plastic pollution, food loss and waste as well as social working conditions. The CGF proves that partnership creates more impact. This is what I will hold myself accountable for – fostering the force of impactful partnerships to enable better lives through better business”.

What our members say

“If you want to know where the future is going to be, there is no place better than The Global Summit. We’re talking 1,000 CEOs and thought leaders coming together to talk about improving every aspect of our industry. We need events like this and The Forum delivers”.

What our members say

“It’s important we contribute to a better life for all by encouraging a culture of prevention, and The Forum provides the perfect platform to ensure we can take positive steps as an industry and not just in our own silos”.

Benefit from a level of implementation support not witnessed elsewhere.

Get access to toolkits and guidelines that explain the “how to”

Get invited to member only, expert-led webinars and workshops

Join expert working groups and committees and help develop solutions

Engage with key stakeholders, including governments, NGOs and international organisations, with a common voice.

Get a seat at the table, as part of our unique, global platform

Help shape the industry’s position on key topics

Help represent the industry at key stakeholder meetings and events

Join your peers, network and share best practices on the issues that matter most.

Get access member only events around the world

Get access case studies and other resources

Receive preferential rates for CGF and partner events

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