Global Summit

The Premier FMCG Business Network and our Flagship Event, Where Business Leaders Come to Build the Future.

11-14 JUNE 2024

2024: Empowering Businesses to Deliver a Better Tomorrow

Engage with Visionary Leaders at the Forefront of Industry Transformation

Join us at the Chicago Summit for a transformative journey into ‘Agenda 2025,’  a visionary roadmap set by The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) to redefine a collective future in the consumer goods industry.

Prioritised Focus Areas

The Acceleration Areas, guided by our co-chairs, are shaping our collective efforts and setting industry benchmarks for the next two years.

Integrating Sustainable Forestry and Supply Practices

Mainstream DCF/Supply Approach for a forest-positive future, ensuring the sustainability of our natural resources.

Implementing Eco-Friendly Design Standards

Adapt to the Golden Design Rules to enable a circular economy for plastics, reducing environmental impact.

Prioritising Human Rights Compliance

Embrace Human Rights Due Diligence as the industry norm, ensuring ethical practices around the industry.

Establishing Employee Well-Being Programmes

Focus on employee health and well-being, crucial for a productive and motivated workforce.

Boosting Efforts to Cut Emissions

Accelerate emission reductions to move towards a net-zero future, mitigating climate impact.

Key Business Topics

Explore ground-breaking trends and strategic insights that are reshaping the consumer goods sector.

Embracing the Digital Revolution with AI

Discover how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the sector, offering solutions for predictive analysis, customer engagement, and efficient supply chain management.

Navigating Planetary Polycrises

Address urgent challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity, and global health, and learn how businesses are adapting with resilient strategies.

Building Resilience in Business

Explore how businesses are developing robust models to withstands economic fluctuations and societal changes, ensuring sustainability and long-term success.

Decoding Evolving Consumer Trends

Gain insights into the latest consumer behaviours and preferences, focussing on sustainability, digital engagement, and personalised experiences.

Championing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Understand the vital role of DE&I in business, fostering inclusive cultures and products that reflect our diverse society.


Programme At a Glance


We Value Your Opinion

After the event held last year, we invited attendees to provide their feedback. Valuing your input, we are excited to reveal the adjustments we’ve implemented, with the goal of ensuring a thoroughly satisfying experience in Chicago!

This year, you’ll see:

  • A redesigned Summit format emphasizing Capacity Building and Best Practices sessions led by CEOs.
  • A well-balanced agenda covering both business and sustainability topics.
  • Interactive and immersive experiences woven into Social Events.
  • Ongoing emphasis on networking through top-tier opportunities and intimate small-circle discussions.


Why Attend The Global Summit?

Our annual Global Summmit is the CGF flagship event. It is exclusively reserved for CEOs and C-level executives from our members. Retailers, manufacturers and services providers come here to discuss future business trends, to network, and to share knowledge and best-practices to overcome today’s most pressing challenges.It is…

  • The destination for successful business leaders in our domain.
  • Where CEOs talk to CEOs, with expert input from specialists.
  • Where our industry can voice the key issues and challenges it’s facing.
  • Where the global agenda for the consumer goods sector is set.
  • Where answers to solved challenges get shared.
  • The event you must attend to make your future in this industry vital and global.
    A unique opportunity to reconnect with friends and peers from across the industry in the same place at the same time. It leads to discussion on the most pressing topics for our businesses and gives everyone the opportunity to hear and be inspired by our own industry top leaders. A MUST DO event for CPG leaders.
    Betty Quigley
    Global Chief Commercial Officer
    Now more than ever our industry needs to come together to shape a sustainable future: economically, socially and environmentally.
    Elaine Bowers Coventry
    Chief Customer and Commercial Officer
    The Coca-Cola Company
    In particular, for an Asia-based retailer the Global Summit is a fantastic and unique opportunity for connecting with business partners in one location, networking with new contacts and being inspired by and learning new things from global experts.
    Jerry Black
    Aeon Co., Ltd.
A Must-Attend for C-Level Executives

The Global Summit is the must-attend event for any C-level executive from the CGF membership. It is the only C-level forum for business leaders who want to:

  • Be part of an exclusive worldwide consumer goods business network at top management level.
  • Gain exposure to new strategic concepts, companies and thought-leaders from both inside and outside the consumer goods industry.
  • Bring home actionable insights for operating your business in a changed and consumer-led world.
  • Exert your influence over the major new issues having an impact on the consumer goods business worldwide.
  • Take advantage of a truly dynamic environment in which to do business.
  • Receive the latest updates and actions on The Consumer Goods Forum’s Coalitions of Action.

Who Attends The Global Summit?

  • C-level executives and C-suite
  • Retailer and manufacturer CEOs and top management
  • Internationally-renowned speakers

Not a Member?

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The Event Designers: the Global Summit Committee


Elaine BOWERS COVENTRY, The Coca-Cola Company, USA


Jerry BLACK, Aeon, Japan
Shannon MACDONALD, Kenvue, USA
Jessica MOULTON, McKinsey & Company, UK
Betty QUIGLEY, L’Oréal, France
Loïc TASSEL, Procter & Gamble, Switzerland