Global leaders and experts meet to advance the state of IT and Supply Chains

3rd - 4th October 2024

The Dawn Of Intelligent Sustainability

Use Data to Drive Decisions

We empower industry leaders to move both data and items intelligently. Embrace a future where data-fueled insights and sustainable practices shape the horizon of value chains. This dynamic event explores the cutting-edge intersection of data, sustainability, and the transformation of supply chains within the consumer goods sector. Across two specialized arenas, we’ll delve into the strategies and technologies that optimise data-driven decision-making for a more efficient, resilient, and ethical supply chain.

IOO HORIZON offers a unique experience for networking, knowledge sharing, best practices and collaboration. The event enables service provider, retail, and manufacturer companies to engage in-depth conversations about the strategic implications of new technologies for their businesses with direct access to the creators of these ground-breaking innovations.

Key Topics

Arena One: The Virtual Realm

CoA Product Data

Data Exchange

2D Standards

Nutrition Data

Artificial Intelligence


Arena Two: Real-World Applications

ESG Data Reporting

Supply Chain Resilience

Excess Packaging

Pallets & Shelves


Work Force & Automation

Programme at a Glance