Global leaders and experts meet to advance the state of IT and Supply Chains

3-4 OCTOBER 2024

The Dawn Of Intelligent Sustainability

Use Data to Drive Decisions

We empower industry leaders to move both data and items intelligently. Embrace a future where data-fueled insights and sustainable practices shape the horizon of value chains. This dynamic event explores the cutting-edge intersection of data, sustainability, and the transformation of supply chains within the consumer goods sector. Across two specialized arenas, we’ll delve into the strategies and technologies that optimise data-driven decision-making for a more efficient, resilient, and ethical supply chain.

IOO HORIZON offers a unique experience for networking, knowledge sharing, best practices and collaboration. The event enables service provider, retail, and manufacturer companies to engage in-depth conversations about the strategic implications of new technologies for their businesses with direct access to the creators of these ground-breaking innovations.

Arena One: Revolutionising Retail Through Digital Transformation

Mass Adoption of 2D Barcodes

Explore the critical role of GTIN ubiquity, GS1 verification, and the Global Data Model in creating a seamless digital experience.

Data Exchange

Gain insights from real-world pilot projects showcasing the tangible benefits of implementing new processes.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

Discover the power of Generative AI and Confidential Cloud Technology to revolutionise data exchange within your organisation.

Arena Two: Navigating the New Frontiers of Sustainable Supply Chains

Building Resilient Value Chains

Learn how to assess and strengthen your supply chain’s ability to weather disruptions, from regional conflicts to labour shortages.

Achieving Regulatory Compliance

Navigate the complex landscape of sustainability reporting standards and gain clarity on scope 3 emissions requirements.

Decarbonising Logistics

Explore the path to net-zero transportation, from alternative fuels to innovative ways to tackle empty running and optimise routing.

Confronting Packaging Waste

Uncover cutting-edge strategies for minimising or eliminating non-product packaging throughout your value chain.


Programme Overview