Partnerships that Deliver

Our work requires much more than industry-wide collaboration. To achieve success and ensure the positive, long-term impacts of our coalitions and projects, we also need to work across sectors. We recognise that the issues we are working on are too big for our industry to solve alone. We do, therefore, regularly collaborate with industry bodies, governments, public health authorities and subject experts to ensure we are at the forefront of ongoing conversations and innovative solutions.

We provide a global platform for such collaborations, whereby our members can come together with such actors to discuss areas for acceleration and change. It’s not always easy for companies to engage with such bodies by themselves, and the convening power of the CGF helps ensure our members get a seat at the table.

Creating Coalitions that Support and Deliver

To help drive positive change, we invite key stakeholders to partner with us through our Coalitions of Action, and smaller projects, as we look to ensure we have all the information necessary to deliver positive results. We are also often approached for guidance on key issues by large organisations, including governments and NGOs, on topics like food safety, consumer health and deforestation to share knowledge and address challenges.

It is important that we continue with these types of collaborations to support our work and ensure we align with key international and regional players who are working towards shared objectives.

Our cross-sector relationships include those with: