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If you wish to stand out from your competitors, get direct access to potential business partners from around the world and clearly demonstrate your support to the retail and consumer goods industry, we invite you to become an Official Sponsor of The Consumer Goods Forum and take advantage of the perfect setting we provide to showcase and enhance your brands, products and services to the key industry decision makers.

As the only global organisation representing both retailers and manufacturers, The Consumer Goods Forum offers a unique sponsorship experience. One where you know that only the very best and most relevant delegates will be invited. Take this opportunity to show exactly what your company stands for and be present on the best stages in our industry. This is your chance to be part of something that inspires actions and showcases the very best our industry has to offer.

From CEOs and C-level executives to topic experts covering food safety, sustainability, health, logistics, technology and more, to our industry’s future leaders, our global events will help get your brand and company in front of the right industry people and stakeholders no matter where we are in the world.

Key Reasons Companies Sponsor


Showcase your services and products to the key industry decision-makers

Stand out from your competitors and demonstrate your leadership by sharing your knowledge and expertise

Show your commitment and support to the industry’s vision of “Better Lives Through Better Business

Get direct access to potential business partners from around the world

Expand your network and increase
your company’s profile

Build awareness and leverage brand association
for your communications

What our sponsors say

"Our greater goal of creating innovative solutions that protect global health, fortify brands and streamline business operations is simply not possible without extensive collaboration with the food production industry. GFSI and CGF working together with various members of the food supply chain for continuous improvement, therefore, is the essence of what we’re about, and we’re regularly energized by our interactions sponsoring this premiere membership organization." 

What our sponsors say

“Danone is a proud sponsor of the Consumer Good Forum in different ways for a long time now. The proximity with CGF members we got thanks to this sponsorship has allowed Danone to established strong and sustainable partnership with many companies over the years.”

What our sponsors say

“The Sustainable Retail Summit is an outstanding moment of connection and knowledge sharing among manufacturers and retailers on sustainability issues. Developing sustainable solutions and promoting a new business model is a though challenge. It becomes extraordinary if it’s done in collaboration with others. Through CGF and SRS, you have the occasion to start new incredible business journeys.” 

What our sponsors say

“KPMG has been a long-standing sponsor of The Consumer Goods Forum — the pre-eminent association for the consumer and retail industry . This partnership provides us with the opportunity to support and strengthen our relationship with senior executives at many of the world’s leading brands.”

What our sponsors say

“Being a sponsor at The Consumer Goods Forum brought us tremendous benefits. As a B2B company, a branding strategy is as important a factor as the sale of our equipment. Sponsorship privileges give us the opportunity to get our branding out there and to meet with decision makers of leading retailers from around the world.”

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Global Conference
3-4 OCTOBER 2024
14 JANUARY-9 JUNE 2025
Future Leaders Programme
Global Conference
29-30 JANUARY 2025
Sustainable Retail Summit
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