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Bringing Unrivalled Opportunity

One of the things that makes us truly unique is our ability to act as a global platform for the consumer goods industry. We are the only organisation that brings consumer goods retailers and manufacturers together globally, ensuring that our events, meetings and workshops bring together the right people from around the world.

We are a global community.  Whether it be CEOs, topic experts or the future leaders of our industry, we are able to provide networking opportunities that are second to none.

And, thanks to the strong engagement of our members, we can use these opportunities to promote knowledge and best-practice sharing. Our members help to define best practices on key issues such as deforestation, food waste, marketing to children, product formulation, transparency, forced labour and food safety. Recommendations are then shared, not only through our events, but also through face-to-face meetings, targeted working groups, study tours, webinars, newsletters, case study booklets and more. These are shared with our entire global membership.

Networking Opportunities

Here at The Consumer Goods Forum, we provide our members (and non-members) with numerous opportunities to get together and share their own thoughts and opinions on the biggest issues facing our industry.

These include a number of key industry conferences and events that are designed to promote first-class knowledge exchange, networking and collaboration among the wider membership and with external stakeholders, including:

Global Summit

Our flagship event, the Global Summit offers an unparalleled opportunity for fellow CEOs and C-level executives from some of the world’s most successful companies to network and gain key insights into the challenges faced by retailers, manufacturers and their service providers from across the consumer goods industry. This event is for members only.

Sustainable Retail Summit

A unique opportunity to learn first-hand how companies are taking positive actions and collaborating to overcome today’s biggest industry challenges. This is the quintessential best-practice sharing event that also provides ample time for networking and conversation.


The FLP is designed for your company’s future generation of leaders. We ensure your top talents are exposed to strategic, operational and leadership modules for an interactive learning experience in an international setting. It represents an investment both in the individual and in the future of their company.

GFSI Conference

The GFSI Conference provides the opportunity to meet and network with industry peers, share knowledge in plenary and breakout sessions, benefit from thought-provoking presentations from internationally reputed industry experts and hear innovative food safety ideas to implement in the workplace.

GFSI Focus Days

GFSI Focus Days are designed to raise awareness around the Global Food Safety Initiative on a global scale and specifically in regions that are less familiar with the work of the Initiative. The one-day regional events are instrumental in GFSI’s efforts to build confidence and implementation of third-party certification throughout the supply chain.

Japan Day

Japan Day is the one-day event designed specifically for our Japanese members and has been instrumental in understanding local needs. The goal of the event is to encourage participation in our activities within the Japanese membership and to network, share knowledge and best practices and to drive even greater collaborative efforts amongst Japanese members. The event has now become cemented in the calendars of our Japanese members.