Introduction to Acceleration Areas

Announced at the 2023 Global Summit in Kyoto, the five Acceleration Areas (AAs) are designed to fast-track sustainability through key, targeted interventions. They allow more CGF members to engage in our mission, no matter their stage in the ESG journey or available resources. In addition, learning is central to the AAs, helping members make quicker progress while the Coalitions address complex, long-term challenges.

Alignment with Coalitions

The Acceleration Areas are selected from the existing workstreams identified for each of the nine CGF Coalitions of Action and are part of their ongoing work. They complement the Coalitions by driving focused action faster without competing or replacing them.

Commitments and Impact

Each Acceleration Area comes with a set of commitments endorsed by members. These commitments are attainable and deliver measurable impact. For CGF members, engaging in the AAs is more than a commitment to ESG; it’s a strategic step towards shaping a sustainable future for their business and the world.

Why it Matters

In a world facing unprecedented sustainability challenges, the consumer goods industry holds a pivotal role. The AAs empower our members to step up to the challenge, providing the tools, knowledge, and network to implement changes that benefit their operations and contribute to global sustainability goals. By focusing on achievable targets, the AAs ensure that every member organisation, regardless of size or scope, can contribute to and benefit from these efforts.

Be Part of the Change: Join us in Shaping a Sustainable Future

By participating in one or more of the AAs, our member companies gain access to exclusive resources, expert guidance, and collaborative projects that enhance their sustainability journey.

Member Engagement and Benefits
  • Access to leading insights and best practices: Global industry best practices outlined in playbooks and roadmaps to help guide your ESG journey
  • Expert guidance: 1-on-1 support from our network of regional and topic experts
  • Peer-to-peer opportunities: Opportunity to learn and collaborate with peers on key ESG topics
  • CEO and expert-led sessions: Knowledge sharing by senior leaders on best practices, lessons learnt, and challenges faced to inspire attendees on reaching a higher ambition