A New Approach Towards Collective Impact

In 2020, our strategy to help accelerate the collective impact of our members became focused on the creation, drive and commitment of our Coalitions of Action. Much has been achieved by our members over the last decade, but we acknowledge there is more to be done. Whether it’s addressing the challenges associated with our strategic priorities or finding new ways to drive actions further and faster, and involving more external stakeholders, our Coalitions of Action will help members seize the opportunities offered by purpose-driven business models.

We all know how important “purpose” has become to consumers, shoppers, employees and investors, worldwide. The issues currently on the CGF’s agenda represent in many ways an existential challenge to companies in the consumer industry globally. At the same time, as people everywhere are more and more attracted by purpose, the return to companies that truly deliver positive change on these issues goes up.

Therefore, to help our members seize this opportunity, the Coalitions of Action have been developed to change our ways of working and improve implementation roadmaps and governance models. And, although Coalitions of Action will not change the key topics being addressed by our members – like deforestation, plastics, food waste, health, food safety, sustainable supply chains, product data and forced labour – they will provide several key benefits:

  • Focused on one key topic.
  • Accessible to all CGF members.
  • Integrated global and regional agendas.
  • Explicit company commitments.
  • Freedom to invest.
  • Explicit performance reporting.

However, we will continue to review the work of our Coalitions and, as new challenges arise, discuss whether new Coalitions need to be added to help drive change in areas of shared – retailer and manufacturer – concern.

Foundational Resolutions & Commitments

Our work, and the work of our members, has traditionally been built upon Board-approved Resolutions and Commitments, which were first introduced when the CGF was created in 2009. While some have been successful, others have been challenging, and our new Coalition strategy acknowledges this need for new ways of working and to find more impactful ways to drive change globally. However, we should not forget the strong foundation and ambition that these Resolutions and Commitments represent. They have helped shape industry actions for more than a decade and will help guide us as we shape their future.