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iot paper 2017 cover mini

We have, together with Capgemini and Intel, today published the second paper on the Internet of Things (IoT). Part of our End-to-End Value Chain Learning Series, the paper explains what consumer businesses can do to benefit from IoT investment and how they should go about it. The Internet of Things is increasingly becoming essential as CPG manufacturers and retailers endeavour to provide immersive experience, increase operational efficiency, improve profitability, and create new revenue streams for retailer. It has ceased to be buzzword bandied about at industry conferences. This paper provides answers to several key questions on how companies can make better use of the opportunities presented by IoT. Download today.

2017 igd store of the future e2e report cover mini
Shoppers are changing and stores must keep up. We know online shopping is here to stay, but people will always want to go into a real shop. We expect tomorrow’s store to combine the best of online and offline worlds. Shopping will be a special experience, featuring fresh food, new products, and unique events. Identify opportunities to shape the store of the future, and understand how to inspire shoppers’ long-lasting loyalty. We reveal the top ten areas you must consider, in our new report. Download to learn more
2017 collaborative logistics intro

New report produced together with EY shows why consumer products companies need to collaborate with rivals to unlock new sources of profitable growth amid converging market challenges. To deliver profitable growth in the world of the new consumer – must your old rivals become your best friends? finds that the final link in the logistics chain is becoming increasingly inefficient and demands a new collaborative approach. Download to learn more.



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