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The Consumer Goods Forum Team & Friends, Tokyo 2013

Embracing Both Retailers and Manufacturers

As the only association in the consumer goods industry that is truly global, while embracing both retailers and manufacturers, our members understand the value of our uniqueness. Many of the opportunities and issues that we face as an industry can’t be addressed by individual companies alone, or just by collaborating regionally. Our members know that our global, cross-value chain perspective is critical to helping drive positive change globally.
Whether you are active in our committees and working groups, attend key events or simply make use of the documents and reports we create, we are committed to supporting you and our entire global membership in working together efficiently for positive change.  



Why Become a Member of The Consumer Goods Forum

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, the value of sharing global best practices and building global personal networks has never been greater. We are an inclusive community. Our members include small and large companies, food and non-food, nationals and multinationals. Our members work together as peers. Benefits include:

  • The opportunity to shape the industry’s critical operational standards;
  • Practical help to implement global standards and best practices; and
  • A way to engage directly with influential external stakeholders.
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We are your global organisation; driving positive change through collaborative actions. As the pre-eminent and collaborative network engaged through corporate membership, we support our members in a number of key ways as we look to provide value to all our members and improve our industry's reputation globally. This includes:

  • Fostering debate across the Board and membership;
  • Sharing solutions and best practices across and beyond our membership; and
  • Engaging with stakeholders and regional associations to speak for the industry.
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Our Role Here at The Consumer Goods Forum
Your Role as a Member of The Consumer Goods Forum

Our mission is clear, but it stands for little without the trust and commitment of our members. It is your continuous support and dedication that is helping to drive positive change throughout the industry. Our global membership and the collaborative efforts that you undertake are the foundation of our success. Members should:

  • Help The Consumer Goods Forum turn potential into reality;
  • Get involved and have your say on the future of our industry; and
  • Commit to driving positive change and implement our resolutions.
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We are proud to have over 1,500 international executives involved in our working groups & expert committees, and we're delighted that many are willing to share their own thoughts on why they get involved and why our organisation is so important to the industry. These include:

  • The benefits of teaming up with other players in the industry;
  • A desire to see global and industry-wide solutions; and
  • A genuine effort to share knowledge and best practices.
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What Members Say About The Consumer Goods Forum
How to Become a Member of The Consumer Goods Forum

The Knowledge & Best Practice Sharing Platform organises a number of renowned events throughout the year, as do our regional offices, while our pillars also hold regular committee, working group and project meetings. Our 2016 schedule is filled with opportunities for members, including:

  • The Global Food Safety Conference - 29th February-3rd March in Berlin;
  • The 60th Global Summit - 15th-17th June in Cape Town; and
  • The FLP Congress - October in London.
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