SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITYDefining Our Industry's Agenda

The Social Sustainability workstream enables collaboration between industry and stakeholders to achieve decent working conditions and sustainable supply chains across the consumer goods industry, worldwide. Our mission is to improve the lives of workers through industry alignment of supply chain management systems and driving sustainability improvements throughout the value chain. And, more specifically on forced labour...

CGF Forced Labour Resolution

Our members have been long committed to promoting decent working conditions worldwide but recognise that the eradication of forced labour remains a key challenge. We are, therefore, now working with our members to drive global collaboration between retailers and manufacturers and thereby address forced labour as one of the most pressing social issues of our time. This commitment was confirmed with the January 2016 announcement of a new, Board-approved Social Resolution on Forced Labour.

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We at the CGF have identified three of the most problematic, yet often common employment practices across the world that can lead to cases of forced labour. To counter these three practices, we have produced the Priority Industry Principles, which could help lead to the necessary changes to eliminate forced labour. Our members will work to uphold these practices in their own operations, and will use their collective voice to promote the adoption of these priority principles industry-wide.

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CGF Social Sustainability Committee


The Social Sustainability Committee (SSC) has been set up by our Board of Directors to drive global collaboration between retailers and manufacturers in identifying and tackling key social sustainability issues for the industry. In 2016, CEOs approved a new social resolution to fight forced labour, the first industry commitment of its kind in tackling such a pressing social issue, and their company representatives in the SSC are working together to design and implement innovative ways to address the multiple forms of forced labour.

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Join the Fight

Success for our industry can only be achieved if we stand together. It will require collaborative actions on a global scale, so join your peers who are already working to eradicate forced labour from their supply chains. Members interested in collaborating on the issue are welcome to join our member-led groups.

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The GSCP Approach

It is crucial to build on existing industry initiatives to amplify innovations in supply chain sustainability. The work achieved by our Global Social Compliance Programme and other efforts to support increased harmonisation of supply chain practices will be instrumental in driving this necessary change.

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