With 21 million victims of forced labour in the world today, members of The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) are actively promoting responsible business actions to help eradicate forced labour in global supply chains. One of the ways in which this is achieved is through tools such as the Business Actions Against Forced Labour booklet, where members are showcasing best practices on how they are tackling forced labour. Read below to learn more about these individual company success stories explaining how they tackle one of the most pressing social issues of our time. 




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As part of our commitment to tackling forced labour in global supply chains, we want to continue to show how the consumer goods industry is leading the way. We are calling on all consumer goods companies to take action against one of today's social sustainability challenges, and we want to showcase the successes we are having.

Send us your story and we’ll get it uploaded to this webpage as soon as possible and it will also be printed so as to be included in the printed version of the Booklet.

For those who have contributed, we thank you for your positive actions and for being part of the solution.

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